The best part of being a 90s kid is… well, almost everything. However, the most coolest part of the era was the music scene. Whenever we get the chance, don’t we just love to brag about the vivid 90s Indie-pop music? Songs like Love-ology, Made in India, Dil Dhadke ruled our lives.
Much nostalgia. Such music. Wow.

So, you think EDM makes you dance? Wait, until you hear these absolutely crazy tracks from the 90s. How many songs do you remember?

Dil Dhadke: Baba Sehgal

Eminem, who? Kids, meet Baba Sehgal. The rapper-baadshaah of India. Crazy lyrics… crazier videos.

Here’s another one


Trippy 90s!

Boom Shack-A-Lack: Apache Indian

A party favorite. Steven Kapur aka Apache Indian is an Indian origin singer-songwriter. Don’t you just love that hairstyle?

Love-Ology : Shaan

Good ‘ol college days! This is the story of our lives. Even now.

Patelscope: Devang Patel

Known for hilarious parody songs, Devang Patel’s songs were a rage during the late 90s. Barbie girl or Chaloo girl? We choose both!

Here’s another one from Devang Patel


Boom Boom: Biddu

So much better than Yo Yo Honey Singh!

Kya Surat Hai: Bombay Vikings

No one can be more lovestruck than this guy.

Johnny Joker: Shweta Shetty

A song about a joker. This is an unusually catchy track by the talented singer Shweta Shetty.

Kahi Karta Hoga Woh Mera Intezaar: Anamika


In search of true love? You can hum along with Anamika.

90s FTW! Do let us know your favorite song.

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