The world of Electronic Dance Music is growing day by day, taking the planet and the universe of music by storm. There are exemplary artists all over the world who produce some brilliant quality dance music. 
Some of the names that come to mind when it come to dance music are – Steve Aoki, Tiesto Hardwell

Steve Aoki, though is a little different from the other two, is one of the most phenomenal electro-house artists the world has seen. His music is something that will make you move and groove like nobody else. His music is brilliantly produced. Be it his sampling techniques or sound designing, his stuff is something that you can enjoy for a long time. Most artists get monotonous with their sound but not Steve Aoki. His music is resplendent and very well-crafted. Watching him live is a treat. 
Tiesto , on the other hand, and unlike Steve Aoki has a very distinct style of music . Though his genre fits into the realm of Electronic Dance Music , his music is something that cannot be explained using a single genre. His Pirates of the Caribbean remix is superb, to say the least. It created waves all across the World and still plays in a lot of clubs. After all, Tiesto is known for his brilliance with mixing and sampling music. His music is something you can dance to, definitely, but it is also the sort that will take you on a trip to another dimension altogether. That is the kind of effect that his music has on people. His songs have a lot of traces of techno, progressive, house and more. This makes him an artist that is not only beyond the ordinary but also the extraordinary.

For all those who love EDM and have not heard of Hardwell , rethink your EDM love. If it is Electronic Dance Music, this is the man for the job! His songs are something of a beauty to listen to. Not just body-shaking but also soul-stirring. Songs like encoded will smoothly decode everything in your brain and put you at ease. His tickets are pretty much sold out everywhere and all the time. Even if he has already performed at the same place earlier. What more could an artist want? Tickets selling out no matter how many times you perform, even if it is in one single place.