Your Office Soundtrack

Wouldn’t life be infinitely better if we could have background music playing as we went about our day-to-day activities? Imagine boarding a train at Dadar… Yikes! Now, imagine boarding a train at Dadar while Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train plays in the background. Your commute just became EPIC!

Just like everything else, work would be much more fun if we had an amazing and fitting soundtrack for it. After all, we all wish we could respond to certain life situations with songs. So why not at work? As usual, we’ve come through for you with the necessary playlist. Here are 9 songs that accurately sum up your average day at work:

1. When you get your paycheck and look at the amount:

Is This It – The Strokes

2. But when appraisal time finally rolls around:

Baby, You’re a Rich Man – The Beatles

But the road to riches is a rocky one. And we must all prove ourselves worthy…

3. When you’re incredibly excited to work on your new project:

Put Me To Work – PAPA

But your boss might not always share your enthusiasm…

4. When everyone else isn’t sure you can do it, and you must convince them:

You Can Count On Me – Panda Bear

5. When you have to work with people you’re not too fond of:

Collaborations Don’t Work – FFS

I’m gonna do it all by myself!

6. When your annoying colleague starts thinking you’re friends and starts oversharing:

The Less I Know the Better – Tame Impala

Okay, Raj, we get it. You fought with your girlfriend. We don’t need to know all about it!

7. But here’s what you wish you could actually say to them:

Piss Off – FFS

8. And finally, when you’ve seen how things are at work, and can’t wait to burst a newbie’s bubble:

Welcome to the Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

9. When the madness is worth it, because you’re one of the lucky few who found a job that makes them…

Happy – Pharrell Williams