There are a few events that happen in life that completely captivate you and make you burst with excitement. Stomp, the musical is one such event – probably why it has been going on for 25 years! And now, AGP World brings this British phenomenon to India for the first time so that we all get to experience this global sensation, live. Kudos for that!

When you think about musicals, you immediately imagine a grand stage setup, a troupe of well-dressed actors, who can potentially sing and dance at the drop of a hat, and an engaging storyline which will be unveiled to you through various performances. But when it comes to Stomp, your understanding of a musicals will change, for good. And that’s when you will realize that there is a serious scarcity of such events in India. Stomp doesn’t really have a constant storyline, but it has multiple routines that are smartly choreographed to utilize the entire stage and the props for creating a mind-bending musical experience.

So, if at all you do end up watching this musical, these are the three stages that you can expect yourself to go through:

Visually Stunned
Right from the stage setup to the performances, there won’t be a single moment that will make you want to take your eyes off the stage. The way the stage was designed and the props were arranged, it felt like you have walked into a garage or a junkyard. And to add to that, the artists had also worn jumpsuits or raggedy clothes which went well with the whole look and feel of the musical.

But all that is just 10% of the magic – the real impact comes from the artists. Throughout the musical, they have barely spoken any dialogues but have expressed a lot more through gestures and by using objects which you would have barely noticed to in real life. So, to create music they made use of empty trash cans, huge water barrels, pipes, Zippo lighters, kitchen sinks and such. Once you have seen this, you might feel somewhat bad for the people who have spent a fortune on buying musical instruments. Music can be made with literally anything; all you need to do is think out of the box. To make all this look seamless, the artists perfectly timed the routines and made sure to use ‘every’ part of the stage (you will know what we mean by that when you watch them live). Thus, giving no chance for monotony to set in.

Getting Involved
A show is a success when the audience feels that they are a part of it. By frequently interacting with the audience and making them a part of the acts, Stomp managed to take over the hearts of the people. Also, that wouldn’t have been possible if the artists wouldn’t have delivered an energetic performance. Right from the start till the very end, there wasn’t even a slightest dip in the level of energy and enthusiasm of the artists. That's exactly what you want to see in a musical, play, or any art form.

Withdrawal Symptoms
Everything that begins, has to end at some point. And with Stomp, you do feel bad when that happens. So, prepare yourself in advance or you could choose to watch this show multiple times. In short, this show is definitely worth your time and money, and you will regret it if you miss it.

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