It’s been fourteen years since the release of the first X-Men movie. Audiences were amazed by the extraordinary powers of the mutants and the groundbreaking special effects. X-Men: First Class took us back in time and told us more about the origins of the X-Men. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine revealed Logan’s dark past. Though audiences did find themselves a tad confused about the chronology. With X-Men: Days of Future Past all set to release, here’s a brief look at its predecessors.

1) X-Men:

Beginning chapter to the X-Men series, directed by Bryan Singer, the movie establishes the links and dynamics of every character introduced as per the comics. At the start of the film we see a holocaust survivor- Erik Lehnsherr. Prof. Charles Xavier, played by the brilliant and versatile Sir Patrick Stewart, is another powerful mutant with vast telepathic abilities who is friends with Magneto. Leading the Brotherhood of Mutants, Magneto takes the fight to the X-Men, led by Prof. Xaviers. This movie is about the conflicts between two old friends and the sides they have chosen. We are introduced to Wolverine, Storm, Cyclops,  Iceman, Sabretooth, Toad and Mystique. This installment was a top-draw with regards to the characters and their amazing abilities.
2) X-Men United:

It picks up from where the first one ended and it is considered to be the best in the series. The story revolves around X-Men, the Brotherhood of Mutants and the humans. The Brotherhood of Mutants demand ”freedom of mutants”. We see an attack on the White-House by Night Crawler. The movie successfully builds the tension and drama between all parties. With so many mutants taking part in the action, Bryan Singer does a great job in maintaining balance. Other than Night Crawler, we see the addition of Lady Deathstrike, Jason and William Stryker and Pyro. It also touches on Wolverine‘s origins but keeps his details shrouded in mystery.  With its solid action effects, it is a must watch X-Men movie.

3) X-Men: The Last Stand:

This installment was directed by Brett Ratner. It focuses on a cure developed to treat mutants and put an end to their existence. It also takes a step forward with regards to Jean Grey plot, who had sacrificed herself in X2. Given the romantic record of Cyclops and Jean, this leads to a traumatic effect on Cyclops, who mourns and grieves for her. It is further revealed by Xavier that when Jean sacrificed herself, she unleashed a powerful alternate personality she called "Phoenix". The Brotherhood Of Mutants, on the other hand, are building an army to fight for the mutant race. War ensues between the X-Men and Brotherhood Of Mutants. 

4) X-Men Origins: Wolverine:

A story devised by David Benioff (Game Of Thrones, Troy), the X-Men franchise shifts into origin mode. This film singles out the series’ breakout star, Wolverine who is played by Hugh Jackman. This genesis movie tells us about Wolverine, a mutant born in the mid-19th century whose super-healing power has kept him alive. The movie shows us Logan?s childhood and his father?s demise. His vile brother Victor, played by Liev Schreiber, is also a mutant. He is code-named Sabretooth. Liev Schreiber lights up the screen with required viciousness and corruption. General William Stryker brings together a group of mutants for his own selfish gains. Logan decides to leave the team as they show utter disregard for human life. Living a life of seclusion, Logan attempts to be as normal as he can. Unfortunately, Sabretooth catches up with devastating effects. In his quest for vengeance, Logan decides to turn into Wolverine. 

5) X-Men: First Class:

X-Men First Class charts the beginning of the mutant chronicles. This fifth entry is noteworthy for its ensemble cast (Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy). As a look into the past, it explains and circumscribes the origins of the mutants and their first meet ups.  This installment encompasses Charles and Erik’s symbolic black and white dynamic. In this duel, a rift between them is opened. And so began the war between Magneto’s Brotherhood and Professor X’s X-Men. The lives of other known mutants like Mystique and Beast has been showcased well. With respect to Mystique’s profile, it has been handled poignantly. The war between Magneto and Xavier leads to the parting of ways.

6) The Wolverine:

This part dips into dark psychological territory. The events of this film take place right after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand. Director James Mangold?s film features some breathtaking action sequences and lingers around Logan?s personal crisis. We see him living secluded like an animal. In a flashback we get to see Logan escaping an atomic bomb. In doing so, he rescues an officer named Yashida. In the present, Yashida has become a billionaire industrialist: a powerful man in Japan. Lying on his deathbed, he sends his granddaughter, Yukio, to retrieve Logan so he can thank him. Logan soon finds himself in the middle of family politics. He has to deal with his guilt and he starts to develop feelings for Mariko. He battles his own innner demons and ninjas, how cool is that? Logan finally let goes of Jean. In the end, Logan bids farewell and departs to places unknown. During the end-credits, Logan returns to the United States two years later. And he is approached at the airport by Magneto and Xavier; the former warns him of a grave new threat to the mutant race.

7) X-Men: Days of Future Past:


As the name suggests, the storyline of the movie takes place both in future and the past. It intends to bridge the gap between two generations of mutants. The future faces extinction and to save their mutant species, they must travel back in time and enlist help of their younger selves. The action is fast paced and effect-heavy. The face-off of the future and the past is going to be lethal. With what we see in Days of Future Past will lead into Apocalypse.

For fans who’ve watched these movies for the last fourteen years, a run-through was much needed. X-Men: Days of Future Past is the second-last chapter of the series. Hopefully, the film will tie up the loose ends and fix the continuity of the X-Men series. The cast of this movie is massive, as it brings together the A-list cast from X-Men and X-Men: First Class. Add Sentinel robots to this action, and we are in for a grand treat! This may perhaps be the one of the many reasons why it is the most anticipated movie of the X-Men storyline. Why don’t you see for yourself? Catch X-Men: Days of Future Past in theatres this week!

By Yojet Sharma

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