Naan Sigappu Manithan: Film Review

Director Thiru has provided two movies so far (Thirdha Vilayatu Pillai, Samar both starring Vishal) both these films have had a very unsuccessful response; perhaps it’s was because of its weak and wobbly narrative. But Thiru makes a solid impact this time around and how! He conveys the film like a dynamite package. With a strong medical condition called Narcolepsy as the theme, he provides the essential suspense elements, of course with a powerhouse performer like Vishal.

This mighty explosive story begins with Indiran (Vishal) trying to seek the help of a goon in acquiring a gun, after which the reason behind it is explained. The film is divided into two portions, a timid guy who has hopes and dreams for his family but here’s the catch, he suffers from Narcolepsy. And a revenge drama in the second-half. Indiran takes you on his journey. He creates a checklist that includes – walking alone on a busy road and watching a movie in a theatre on the first day of its release. You might be bewildered after you see the list, because it isn’t a problem for people with the sleeping disorder. But it is only later that Indiran takes you on his journey which helps you empathize with him. The sleep problem provides him with a whole lot of obstacles – he is looked upon scornfully by some, as a medical subject by some and is just a humor element for some. But the hero wins our hearts mainly after he uses methods to bounce back.
Indiran meets Meera (Lakshmi Menon), there is love at first sight, you have a song. Inorder to prove her father wrong, the bold Meera vows to help her man. Things go well, but hell strikes paradise (Spoiler Alert) – the latter part of the story is not for the weak-hearted.
Later we realize how much this disability costs Indiran. This leads us to the process of his gradual-but-steady revenge method. The hero hunts for the criminal; he finds the needle in the haystack, and makes an effort to help his friend – all these add up to cinematic elements in the film. But the real mood killer is a song (picturized completely in the snow – a hallucination concept, not new in Tamil cinema) and the film’s second plot,  that is the crucial plot but it does get a tad-bit long. Not to mention the familiar BGM by G.V.Prakash.
Vishal thrills and compels you with his performance. He takes you on his journey and shows us the hurdles of being diagnosed with Narcolepsy.  He is brilliant in the scenes, when the strong emotional responses trigger him, especially with his eyes. 
Director Thiru defines his characters clearly, he weaves the right amount of suspense – the construction building fight scene; the underwater sequence – which contribute to being the film’s highlights. This might prove that he has only matured his game with this movie. Watch the film for its intriguing theme, a gripping story and for Vishal’s brilliant performance.

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  1. selva

    April 11, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    Film is good…there are many interesting twists…vishal plays his character well…songs are only average… First half-love,comedy,sentiment… second half-full action thriller,twists..totally NSM is a commercial entertainer…

  2. Selva

    April 12, 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Gud film…vishal plays his character well…
    1st half-love,comedy,sentiment
    2nd half-flashback,twists,thrilling actions
    My rating is 3.5/5

  3. pra

    April 13, 2014 at 12:47 am

    Film Has got lot of twist, make more interesting to watch

  4. bentenatsix

    November 24, 2014 at 1:56 am

    Its a very good movie ,It connects with you at an emotional level. The first half is gud. The second half has a twist and the movie moves at a different level. That was unexpected. But personally i didnt like the matter used for the twist. The twist could have been a little better. But hats off to Vishal , he did a great job in his character as Indiran.

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