Nee Enge En Anbe: Film Review – Lacks the thrill of the original

Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani boasted of a refreshingly original script, precise detailing to characters and some intriguing twists which turned the movie into a blockbuster. Owing much credit  to the lead actress, Vidya Balan. But sadly its remake, Shekhar Kamula’s Nee Enge En Anbe fails to deliver the same.

Nee Enge En Anbe rides on the same plot as the original – Nayantara playing the helpless Mrs. Anamika Ajay arrives from the United States in search of her missing husband. Just like Vidya Bagchi, Anamika also seeks the help of a do-gooder cop Sarathy, played by Vaibhav. Together they visit the prospects that will help them find Ajay. But unlike Vidya Bagchi, Anamika doesn’t reveal her secret to Sarathy, neither does she trust anybody. It is then, that the director decides to incorporate some original sequences to the film. 
The originality of the film is the heart-wrenching scene of a bomb blast, a promiscuous cop, a devious informer and most importantly the leading lady who isn’t pregnant. But sadly these original implementations have very little to do with the thriller, leaving you with several unanswered questions. The emphasis of the original story was – who is Arnab Bagchi, but the emphasis here is – will Anamika find her missing husband Ajay Swaminathan or is this all fiction? But the emphasis is deviated mostly because of the ineffectively placed characters.
You see Anamika waking up to spiritual tones of the temple and the mosque, you see her worshiping the massive idol of Amman (Goddess Kali) everyday. The significance of it reveals the complete destruction of evil by a woman. The problem with it is that it doesn’t adhere to the local milieu. The dialogues are mostly in Telegu and the few Tamil dialogues are inappropriate and seem like they date back to the 1980’s. Especially when Anamika tries to defend her husband saying ”Avaruku Mahabaratam, Bhagwat gita nalla theriyum, Avaru indha madiri kariyam lam panamtaru” (He is well versed in Mahabharatam and the Bhagwat Gita, he would never commit such a crime). You might feel bewildered as to how a person can be defined this way.
The lack of attention given to characters is a major let-down. The only remarkable character that draws your attention is, the hotel manager. He provides the much needed zing to an otherwise dull scenario. Meanwhile the vigilant cop Pasupathy has a silly presence rather than an angry one. The leading lady Nayantara’s performance is good but isn’t an impressive one. She has easily done better in other films.
Why should you watch it:
The only reason you should watch this film is for director Shekar Kammula’s take on the original. If only the film could’ve been a faithful adaptation of the original adhering to the local milieu. 

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