The sequel to Twilight was awaited with great anticipation and greeted with record breaking box office returns. Crazy fans waiting outside theatres for days and other such stories made the rounds prior to its release. In spite of this, Sandra Bullock’s The Blind Side was not far behind and turned out to be the underdog the weekend of its international release, surprising people. Once you watch New Moon, you understand why.

The story starts off where it left in Forks on Bella’s (Kristen Stewart) eighteenth birthday who treats it as a tragedy. She obsesses about her age constantly as her immortal  Vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen ( Robert Pattinson) will remain seventeen forever. Following a loss of control on part of the Vampires during her birthday celebrations with them, Edward decides to leave Forks so as to protect Bella, to whom ‘his soul belongs’.

A shattered Bella resorts to seeking danger hoping it will bring her love back. She approaches Jacob (Taylor Lautner), her ‘warm’, mechanic friend, to help her fix bikes and discovers his company helps her escape the pain. Her fear of losing him prevents her from taking the relationship to the next level, but yet she seems to want it.

Regardless, Jacob withdraws and starts avoiding her. Her solitude leads to confused wanderings and she unwittingly discovers Jacob’s secret. Just as she starts letting her guard down with him, news of a threat to Edwards life causes her to turn her back on Jacob as she rushes to save him from the Volturi (coven of Vampires). In a world of ‘monsters’, she is torn between the ‘good’ Vampires and the Werewolves, enemies of each other, with the common mission of protecting her. Being with either is a threat to her being, but in the name of true love Bella ultimately makes her choice, though never at peace as choosing one hurts the other.

The visual effects are excellent and sets glorious. Transformation of the men into those magnificent Werewolves and the demonstration of Vampire skills make for breathtaking scenes. The Volturi, who are Vampire royalty, are convincingly coldblooded and creepy. The best acting skills are showcased by the Volturi cast.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the rest, especially the main cast comprising a ‘beauty’ verging on insanity, an angry buffed up ‘beast’ and a pale, emaciated heartthrob.  Bella and Edward, so madly in love, don’t make eye contact and seem to be blind during their conversations, which are difficult to decipher as they barely open their mouths to speak at a decibal only bats might hear. Bella cries as though she is having fits, stutters throughout and emits odd sounds at pivotal moments.  For a movie based on deep, soulful love, it definitely lacks soul and no one seems to be feeling any love. There is not a display of affection in sight and chemistry is just a subject the teens study in senior year.

It’s quite a let down after all the hype which can be mainly credited to the success of the books and the fan following of the teenage actors.

Good reads don’t necessarily make for successful screenplays.

Contributed by Raashi Malhotra

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  1. playboy nish

    December 13, 2009 at 9:10 pm

    2 be frank enuf new moon is perfectly an avg movie and its not at all bad to watch. the reason for its poor performance (critically) is the limp and lame lead caste. taylor who was supposed to be the movie’s star lacks in everything except good looks and he’s not really a good choice for the character. kristen looks all pretty and sexy but her acting skills are not exactly commendable. nevertheless she tries to deliver her best performance and the effort is evident. robert is very less utilized in the movie and his brooding style is no more a sex appeal. michael sheen who plays aro from the volturi is the best actor in the movie and is the only reason to watch it apart from the action and the style. new moon also fails because of the poor editing and a very self conscious supporting caste. yet its a compelling watch because it makes you eager to find out whats going to happen next. the director is supposedly poor in hooking the audience and he’s another mistake made by the production house. watch new moon just to see how far is the story progressed and if you want to enjoy it then don’t expect a thing.

  2. shreshtha

    December 17, 2009 at 5:07 pm

    i dont agree wid the above statements… i think that only those pple who havnt read the book can write such thngs… i thnk new moon ws perfect… n d book readers wud not b disappointed as its got everythng thts in the book… i might agree wid the fact tht kristen stewart totally overacts… bt if u talk about rob n taylor thn thts totaly wrong..the main reason y pple want to watch new moon s the chemistry btween edward n bella n it came out really well….so i wud suggest every1 to watch ths movie coz itz AWESOME!!!enjoy!!

  3. Garima

    December 18, 2009 at 9:38 pm

    well wat do u expect????the authors portray the characters and its a damn challenging thing for the directer to create that in the movie…still kudos for the new moon cast for trying to live upto the expectations diehard twilight fans!!!!!!

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