A Perfect Couple!: Play Review

Is there anything like a perfect relationship? Hard to say. But last Saturday at a packed Canvas Laugh Club, Rashmi Sharma gave us a brief glimpse into what a perfect relationship looks like… Or let’s say, almost perfect.

Thoroughly entertaining and funny, Rashmi Sharma’s A Perfect Couple! delves into the lives of two friends – Dev and Abhay – who are divorced. Dev suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder and Abhay is a slap-happy music composer who takes life as it comes. What happens when these two come together under one roof forms the crux of the play. In the beginning, everything seems to be in harmony, but conflicts arise as time passes by. The relationship between the two friends changes and gets twisted into something like that of a married couple. Words are fired, misunderstandings arise and further chaos ensues when their friends start passing witty comments on their relationship. To spice up things a little bit and break out from the monotony, the two friends decide to go on a double date.

Rashmi Sharma adroitly draws inspiration from most modern relationships where one individual is bigoted towards the other. But here, instead of a husband and a wife, we have two men. Does it make a difference? Well, the answer is no. In fact, it complicates the lives of both the individuals more than they had expected.

Infused with humor and the actors’ comic timing, A Perfect Couple! is an enjoyable play.

The dialogue delivery, body language and expression of Aadityaraj Sharma as Abhay are chokingly comical! Eshaan Sharma also adds on to the show with his fantastic depiction of a person who suffers from OCD. In short, the delightful duo lights up the stage with their "perfect chemistry". They are supported by Sadiq Abbas Rizvi, Sajjad Rizwan, Abhishek Sharma, Jyoti Sharma and Reshma Kotian in jovial cameos. Together, they showcased brilliant teamwork.

The set design is minimal, yet practical. The background score complimented the mood of the play.

Rashmi Sharma’s A Perfect Couple! is a complete entertainer. Tailored with good direction, acting and a hilarious plot, A Perfect Couple! will make you laugh, while also making you think about relationships. It is a refreshing break from the movies.

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