Pixar’s sequel treat for 2016-17

​​After DC and Marvel announced  their​ various sequels, we were content that 2016-17 couldn’t get any better. Until, of course, Pixar decided to strut in with its series of sequels. Not one or two but four! Yes, it going to be two magnificent years in Hollywood. Are you excited? ‘Cause we certainly are! After all, who isn’t a fan of Pixar? Considering these franchises went on to be super-successful at the box-office, we can’t wait to catch the sequels already. Till they are out, here’s a look at the posters that were officially unveiled by Pixar at the Disney Expo. Enjoy!

Finding Dory
Voiced by celebrity host Ellen DeGeneres, ​the adorable blue tang with short-term memory loss – Dory is missing. Oh yes,  may be ​she just kept swimming…​
Incredibles 2 
A family that stays together, fights together​!​ We wonder what their next mission ​would be​? C’mon Pixar, give us some more clues​!​
A love story between Woody and Bo Peep. Awww! But Bo Peep is missing. Will Woody and Buzz be able to find her?
Cars 3
Are you ready  to hit the race track again? ‘Cause Cars 3 is taking us back to Route 66. Put your seatbelts on, folks!

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