Most people are fascinated with tattoos. But not many like the idea of a permanent tattoo. What if one day you wake up and dislike that design on your body or regard it as a regret? So, here’s our solution – henna – a temporary form of body art on your body.

The use of henna as body art and dye goes back to ancient times. It is said Prophet Mohammad used henna to dye his beard and hence many of our Muslim brethren do it too. Women from the Bronze Age too used henna to decorate their bodies as well as their nails, palms and soles as they waited for their husbands. 

Henna, made from the leaves of the Henna plant (Scientific name: Lawsonia inermus), is one of the strongest-known dyes to man, which is used to dye skin, leather, silk and wool. Though usually associated with religious ceremonies and festivals, the henna plant itself has numerous health benefits too, such as anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties. 

With Eid around the corner, we give you some mehndi designs you could try or if you are simply a fan of body art, here’s something for you:   

Indian mehndi designs: Indian designs are very intricate, filling your entire hand like a glove leaving no space in between. Peacocks, flowers, curls, twirls, religious deities, and even your significant other`s names are incorporated in these designs.

Arabic mehndi designs: These constitute big bold floral patterns with a lot of visible skin. They mostly are used as outlines comprising of leaves, flowers and vines. 

Pakistani mehndi designs: These designs are a perfect combination of Indian and Arabic designs, with the right amount of flowers and geometry.

Moroccan mehndi designs: Moroccan designs can either be bold and floral or geometric, filled with straight lines and hidden symbols to ward off the evil eye.

Traditional natural henna just stains your skin reddish brown. Black henna or neutral henna are not made from the henna plant, but are rather made from other plants and chemicals. Hence, it is advisable to stay away from those.

However, if you are not a fan of traditional natural mehndi and are impatient for the dye to stain, take a look at something like these, which are completely safe and easily removable as and when you want them to.

White Henna: This is not actual henna. It is temporary body paint with some adhesive. It is available in the form of a adhesive, which can be piped onto the skin like henna paste and will stick to the skin for up to a week. It can be peeled or scrubbed off and is highly safe. 

Glitter Henna: Add some glitter to to your white adhesive before it dries up and voila, you get a glamorous glittering pattern on your skin.

So, girls, time to paint your hands and give them that beautiful and delicate look.

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