Men and pink, when put together even today, is quite unthinkable to some. Ever since we were kids, the boys would always choose blue and the girls would always choose pink. Never did it go the other way because “this is how it must be and always has been.
While it is not uncommon to see men wear pink today, some still cannot bring themselves to rock the color. Not just them, there are even some women who cannot get around the idea. Women have actually dumped men or simply not been interested in them (even though they might have been nice, cool guys in general) simply because they wore pink. No kidding! 
Yes, men who wear pink are known to be ‘fabulous‘, if you get the drift. But there isn’t any real reason why it should take away from their ‘masculinity‘. Boys wearing pink have been called ‘sissy’ and ‘girly’ and this name-calling has gotten out of hand. Consider this – a student wearing a pink shirt was bullied at a Canadian high school. What followed was something quite heart-warming though. Deciding to show their support for the kid, some students got everyone at their school to wear pink the following day. It is now called the International Day of Pink – an anti-bullying event held annually on April 13, today, coincidentally enough.
In fact it is very openly associated with homosexuals. Yes, just Google it, the meaning of pink itself. Listed on the search was the example of “a boom in the pink economy.” Pink is basically the intermediate between red and white – two colors, which men wear quite regularly, so there mustn’t be much wrong with the ‘grey’ area of the two, right?
It’s a good thing that most women love it that real men wear the traditionally feminine color since they feel it is a sign that they are comfortable and confident enough with their masculinity and sexuality. Not just that, it can actually help professionals too, since psychological research studies have shown that the color has an overall peaceful and calming effect. It keeps people relaxed, allowing them to be barely uptight, so you know what to wear for your next big meeting!
While most men go for the common and safe baby pink, there’s numerous other shades so take your pink:
Some men, no matter how ‘macho’ they might come across, are actually quite fond of the color. There are a few celebs who own pink houses and even drive pink BMWs, but are as ‘manly’ and straight as they can get. Here are such men who carry off pink very well:
Brad Pitt in an all blush suit
Footballer and style icon David Beckham in pink
Even one of the biggest teams in the world – Real Madrid FC goes pink with it’s football kit
Our very own Hrithik Roshan in pink
Go ahead! Flaunt your pink and wear it with panache. If you like the color and are comfortable wearing it, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Real confident men know they can carry off pretty much anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s pink, or even other ‘feminine’ colors such as purple!

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