To Do or Not to Do: Romantic Gestures

We are all aware of the fuzzy feeling of being in love. A kiss in the rain, a candle light dinner, romantic slow dance… we are all smitten by these thoughts. But sometimes it gets really difficult to say those three words ‘I Love You’. Yes, love can be a difficult ride but it is worth it. Are you someone who is trying hard to confess love to that special person? If after endless number of WhatsApp messages, Facebook messages, and subtle hints now and then, it is still not working out, you should better switch to Plan B. And what’s better than drawing out some inspiration from some of our favorite Hollywood romantic flicks? Some of them are extremely silly, but you never know, it might just work for you.

Love definitely doesn’t come with guidelines, but our tips sure do. Here is a list of things you can do to express your undying love. Truly, purely and sincerely-inspired from movies.

The Holiday season is almost over, but worry not as the festive mood is still on. You can pose as a caroler and go knock on your loved one’s door. Take a record player. While the music is playing in the background, you can express your thoughts through cute messages in cue cards. It might work out well, unless there is a nosy neighbor or an angry father, mother or brother.
Inspired from: Love Actually.

Are you more of a macho man? And you really don’t care what the whole neighborhood is going to think of you? Go ahead, pick up a boombox. Play Peter Gabriel’s "In Your Eyes" in the highest possible decibel. It may result in two ways. The girl will either get super happy with tears of joy or completely freaked out with the whole act. Choice is yours.
Inspired from: Say Anything.

Well, this might actually work out. "At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet", Plato once said. Unleash the poet in you and write a poem on why you hate the person so much whom you actually love like crazy. May sound a little confusing, but if you can figure out the reverse psychology, it will work out fine. 100% guaranteed. Give it a try.
But if it still doesn’t help, you can hijack your college announcer’s microphone or borrow a bull-horn loudspeaker and do some public serenades. It may sound a little wacky, but if you are cute like Heath Ledger, it will all go smoothly. On one hand if you manage to impress your love, on the other hand get ready to face the wrath of the principal or your boss.
Inspired from: 10 Things I Hate About You.

You can do this if you are on a cruise or river rafting and some disastrous calamity strikes. You and your crush are stranded in the middle of nowhere, cold, freezing, wet and hungry without life jackets. Prove your true love by giving her the privilege to use the only piece of wooden plank you find. It will be eternal love. Chances are that you might freeze to death and drown. But we prefer looking at life on the brighter side, and you instead grow old together.
Inspired from: Titanic.

If you are the unfortunate one stuck in a love triangle, time has come to do something about it. Stalk your crush. Follow wherever he or she goes. If your loved one is on a Ferris wheel date, go ahead and sit right in between them. Hang on and bug them, till he or she agrees to go out with you.
Cons: You might get punched hard on your face, if your date is a girl or get ready for some extreme cat fights if your date is a guy.
Inspired from: The Notebook.

We all love chocolates and no one ever said no to chocolates. If not anything, chocolates will definitely work in expressing your love! Secretly stuff your loved one’s mailbox or drawer with their favorite candy or chocolates. Add a little note to it. It is very High School-ish, but it is always good to be young at heart!
Inspired from: Juno.

This might not work out that well unless you are as charming as Jude Law. But you can still try. Go ahead and get yourself happy high and go knock on your loved one or crush’s door and flash the cheesiest of your smiles. If you are lucky, your drunken charm might work or else get ready to face the slammed door.
Inspired from: The Holiday.

What’s life without a little drama, someone said. So folks, you can use these movie gestures, but only at your own risk. Always love wisely and not foolishly. And never ever give up on love.

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1 Comment

  1. Chiranjeev Prasad

    January 8, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    Maybe, take her out on a stroll underneath the shadows of trees and a little bit of faded sunlight and probably sing I’ll be there for you.
    This is tried and tested winner!
    Inspired from: True story

    Ps- was a good story!

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