Romcom Recipe: With must 5 cliché scene ingredients

Making a movie isn’t all that tough. It’s kind of like cooking! All you need to do is follow a recipe and stick to the instructed set of ingredients and directions. What is even easier, is making a typical Romcom (romantic-comedy). We are serious! All you need is the correct recipe to create this sort of a movie. There are certain scenes that complete a romcom and you just cannot make one without these. All you have to do is add the correct ingredients and voila! Don’t believe us? Let us show you, how to make a romcom in true khana khazana style! 

Ingredient 1 – The first meeting scene
The first meeting just needs to be something that forms the perfect base for your story. It’s like the oil of the recipe that’ll help you add all the taste. From running into each other randomly on the streets to meeting in a cousin’s shaadi, it’s all been done and it works!     

Ingredient 2 – Dancing-in-the-rain scene
Add a little masala in the form of a rain dance. The night sky and a dance sequence preferably in the middle of the road, will get you a scintillating steamy scene. Not to forget it usually also helps in increasing the number of audience. 

Ingredient 3 – Airport/Train scene
This scene is where you are letting the story cook. One lover is going away and the other is at the airport or station with tears in their eyes. This scene has been used and abused, but there can’t be a romcom if there’s no temporary separation to add the twist.   

Ingredient 4 – Re-union scene
This is a must and you just need to make it beautiful. A simple scene of lovers meeting after a long separation needs a few tears-of-joy mixed with a few sighs of relief is all you need for a perfect re-union scene.  

Ingredient 5 – The ending mushy scene
The mush is just to garnish your romcom. Nail this in the last scene and you’re sorted! 

Now that you know, don’t just rush to make your romcom. Comment before going! 


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