A romantic-comedy (rom-com) has always been a favorite when it comes to what the  Chinese audience likes to watch on screen and by having a keen look at the Chinese box office, a distinctive genre too. Already, the Chinese film market is the second largest in the world, only behind the American film market. Rom-coms produced in China provides a much-needed boost to their movie industry and significantly contribute to its growing film market. After looking at the recent films released in China, one has to say that it is a woman’s world when it comes to rom-com. Two films which found incredible success and were much-loved by the audience were Sophie’s Revenge and One Night Surprise. Not only these films had female protagonists in the movie, but both are directed by a female film maker, Jin Yimeng (also called as Eva Jin). With Sophie’s Revenge which released in 2009, she became the first female filmmaker whose movie crossed the 100 million Yuan at the Box Office.

The story of a girl who is hellbent on getting her lover back, the movie told the story of her plans to get back with her boyfriend as a movie actress and star, seduced him and snatched him away from her. Over the course, she meets the former lover of the starlet and realizes that she has fallen in love with him. It was a story told in simple, funny yet profound manner and went on to become one of the biggest hits of that year. Jin Yimeng followed this with another woman-centric rom-com ‘One Night Surprise(2013)’ which was again a big hit in China. A movie about a confused advertising executive who gets pregnant and wants to know who is the father of the child before she decides to marry. Finally she realizes that Tony, her co-worker and seven years her junior, who gives her unconditional love and support, is the man and she finally decides to marry him.
Well, it is no surprise that both movies dealt with young, urban, professional women who are constantly trying to redefine their roles in a much radically changed cultural milieu. With such characters on screen, it was quite important that preferably a female filmmaker would have done justice to the movies, keeping the entertainment quotient alive. Jin Yimeng, who grew up drawing cartoons on love, relationships and marriage, felt that she needed to make movies in order to tell the stories to the world. Hence she graduated with a film course and found success in movies by being honest to her instinct and bringing it to the cinema screens with the learned craft. With such films getting attention and giving much boost to the billion-dollar film industry of China, it has attracted much attention and many are seeking the answers for such a successful stint of Chinese movies recently, also referred as the golden period of Chinese cinema.
Among the obvious reasons are the low-cost production and marketing budgets. These factors successfully coupled with an effective distribution strategy enabling the writers, directors and producers to make films on various subjects and has resulted in wonders for Chinese cinema. After watching One night Surprise and Sophie’s Revenge, the tryst of women in urban China comes to the  forefront in a funny way. Even L’Oreal has been shown in the movie as a part of a clever product placement strategy in the movie and helped getting these films made. Although talking about films in definite terms is always a challenge, still by looking at the current trend and situation, there is no doubt that China will continue to make films on various kinds (including classics and films by renowned filmmakers) and more female voices are supposed to emerge in Chinese cinema. Well, it is a natural expectation as China is now the country which has the largest number of female filmmakers, more than in any than any other country. More like Jim Yimeng? Well, one is expecting that, but then one has to wait and watch, for only time can tell.

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