Rose Gold: The New Obsession

As a color that exists between style and luxury, rose gold has a surprisingly long history with the fashion industry. Although, it goes in and out of style, it is very much in at the moment. Blame Apple! Not to say that it invented the color. What it did, however, is, make it mainstream. It all began with the Apple watch edition and then of course came in the iPhone 6s, which is when rose gold really took off! And now we have the iPhone SE. A color once ridiculed in the hands of a man, has spread across Apple’s product range, faster than probably gold did! Look at what’s happened- everyone seems to love it now!

Are you also love-struck? Here are ways in which you can incorporate rose gold into your life:

Hair Color
If you want a hair color change, but do not want anything drastic, try rose gold! Want inspiration? Have a look at how Sienna Miller pulled it off.
Hair Colour - BookMyShow

Well, there can be nothing more appealing than an outfit in rose gold.
Outfits - BookMyShow

No rose gold isn’t only for women! By now we are well-aware of the fact that you can look good in rose gold and still be a man. Don’t believe us? Check this out!
Rose Gold Man - BookMyShow

Rose gold make-up is a subtle way to shine and it looks good on almost every skin tone.
Make Up - BookMyShow

Carry those rose gold bags. There can be nothing more soothing and elegant.
Bags - BookMyShow

Accessories in rose gold bring a bit of exuberance without being showy. The warmth of the color makes it stand out as an alternative to other metals.
Accessories - BookMyShow

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