Sardar Mohammad: Film Review – In Search of His True Identity

Verdict: A must-watch, one of the best movies to come out of Punjabi film industry.

Tarsem Singh Jassar enjoys a massive fan following in Punjab and overseas. His thoughts, words and style are followed by millions of youngsters. So when Sardar Mohammad comes out with the story, screenplay and dialogues done by Tarsem Jassar, who also happens to be in the lead role, viewers can expect quality work tagged along with a noble concept. The trailer promises an emotional journey of a man who is in search his biological parents. There is enough hype surrounding the film which has been excessively promoted by the makers. Does Sardar Mohammad live up to the expectations and satisfy the viewer? The answer is a confident YES!

What’s It About:

Sardar Mohammad is set during the India-Pakistan partition. Surjit Singh (Tarsem Jassar) is saved by an Indian Sikh police officer Harjit Singh (Sardar Sohi) and raised by him and his wife (Neeta Mohindra). The family shares a close bond until one day Surjit finds the truth about him not being their biological son. This discovery disturbs him and it makes him curious to find the whereabouts of his real parents and so he sets off to Pakistan with his brother Gurjit Singh (Rahul Jungral). Does he manage to meet his biological parents forms the crux of the movie?

What Works:

Not every day do you come across a movie like Sardar Mohammad. There would not be any qualms in stating that this movie is one of the best movies to come out of Punjabi cinema. The movie engages the viewers from the very first frame and takes them through smiles, laughter, applauds, seetis and even tears as it progresses.

The first half of the movie is devoted towards introducing the characters and bonding between the family members. Tarsem is shown as the happy-go-lucky and yet a responsible son. This half has laughter in abundance, courtesy Rahul Jungral and others. Although the core story starts off minutes before the first half, it’s the entertainment factor that wins you over in the first one hour. The way the family members behave and interact with each other is absolutely realistic. The friend-like bonding between brothers, the mother-son relationship, love for younger sister and father’s scolding is shown in the utmost natural manner.

Sardar Mohammad - BookMyShow
It’s the second half of the movie where the drama starts and the real story begins. A couple of scenes deserve a special mention:

  • When Tarsem realises that the truth about his parents

  • The scene where Tarsem and Rahul apply for Pakistan visa

  • The culmination of Tarsem's journey

These sequences are a brilliant piece of writing, acting and direction and leave the viewer moist-eyed.

Tarsem Singh Jassar puts his heart and soul in the movie. The amount of effort he has put in the writing and enactment of Surjit’s character is visible and is praiseworthy. His transition from a jovial son to a desperate man who is in search of his true identity is overwhelming. This would go down as one of the best performances of 2017 and would invite all rewards and awards for the handsome Sardar Ji. Neeta Mohindra is emphatic as Tarsem’s mother. She is shown as the pillar of the family and her enactment wins you over. She is impeccable especially in the emotional scenes with Tarsem. Rahul Jungral is the surprise package of the movie. The young man gives a triumphant performance. His comic timing is perfect. Sardar Sohi is in complete form and is brilliant as a father who feels everything but finds it hard to express it all. Karamjit Anmol is dependable as usual. Nitu Pandher leaves a mark in a brief role.

Sardar Mohammad proves that Harry Bhatti is one of the finest directors of Punjabi cinema. He is a brilliant craftsman who handles the emotional as well as light moments equally well. Tarsem Jassar’s story and writing is perfect. Dialogues (Tarsem Jassar) invite applauds at a number of times. The music (R Guru) is first-rate with Maa and Pind being lyrically rich. Single Double is hummable. Art Director Vijay Guri has done a wonderful job by creating both Punjab’s of 1960’s. Editing (Bharat Singh Rawat) is sharp and DOP Chakravarty does a fine job. The background score (Jaidev Kumar) lifts the movie.

What could have been better:

Rarely do you see a flawless movie. Sardar Mohammad could have been one had the pace been a bit faster in the beginning of the second half. But the movie comes back on track soon before the viewer starts realising this.

Why you should watch:

Sardar Mohammad is one of the best movies to come out of Punjabi cinema. Tarsem Jassar has written a brilliant film and enacted equally well. Watch the movie for the emotions a man goes through who is in search of his true identity. The climax and the last scene will shock you. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

– By Gurlove Singh

Release Date: 2017-11-03
Language: Punjabi
Director: Harry Bhatti
Genre: Drama
Cast & Crew: Tarsem Jassar, Mandy Takhar, Karamjit Anmol, Sardar Sohi, Rana Jung Bahadur, Harry Bhatti, R. Guru, Manpreet Johal
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  1. Mehta Mehta

    November 6, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    Awesome movie, inspirational, no caste system, parents love, India-Pakistan relation

    must watch it..

  2. Dimmy Kalsi

    November 7, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Superb Movie. Must watch with your family, friends,relatives. Good luck to Tarsem Jassar for giving this inspirational movie to us. Rabb chardikala vich rakhe tohnu. WMK

  3. Davinder S. Rakhra

    December 29, 2017 at 9:55 pm

    Tarsem Jassar should be admired and congratulated as an actor who defies all odds with his brilliant work to-date. Sikh Sardar is beautifully portraited byTarsam. Must watch Punjabi movie. DSR – Canada. 

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