Sheldon’s Memory Impairment

If you thought you have a selfish, nerdish, childlike and a very annoying best friend, then you haven’t really met Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon endorses the peculiarity of characters. He lacks and shuns away from social skills, lacks empathy, can’t decode sarcasm, is often self-centered and sticks rigorously to his routine.There is probably nobody else like Sheldon, but what if Sheldon was to meet other legendary characters? How would he respond to them? This is the ultimate face-off between Sheldon and other popular characters from the movies we so love to watch.
One fine day, Sheldon wakes up and finds himself in the Warner Bros. (WB) Studios. An unfamiliar place, clad only in a white shirt and no pants, he is horrified as he looks at himself in the mirror. Sheldon sees the studio sign and remarks, "Oh Lord, this can’t be more humiliating!  How did I land up here?"



He stumbles upon Alok Nath who is shooting for a reality show called, Keeping up with the Kardashians: How to make the Kardashians Sanskari in 30 days.

Alok Nath – “Sheldon beta
Sheldon – “Namaste babuji". Rajesh (often pronounced as Rachesh) has spoken a lot about you. I’ve seen you advocate the Indian traditions most predominantly in Indian cinema. Now can you please tell me what I am doing here?" 
Alok Nath – (Walks around stylishly smoking an agarbatti and mumbles to himself, "Kids nowadays drink Vodka to get high. Whereas, I go to Vaishno Devi to get high"). “Yes beta. I am the famous Alok Nath. It’s because of the sanskars I gave Salman in Maine Pyar Kiya that is he is still a virgin. I am proud he confessed that on Koffee with Karan

Sheldon – "Before you go to tell your other unnecessary accomplishments, let me ask you something. Does this concern me?"

Alok Nath – "No."

Sheldon – "Then suffer in silence. Now that it’s clear, could you please tell me how I landed here".
Alok Nath – “I don’t know beta. Please contact a detective before the bura samay starts. I am getting late, Kim needs me”.
Sheldon walks with a carton to the nearest helpdesk and they direct him to a detective. Here, he meets Sherlock Holmes aka Robert Downey Jr. 
Sheldon – “Well, well, well, if it isn’t Sherlock Holmes. The Green Goblin to my Spider-Man, the Pope Paul V to my Galileo, the Internet Explorer to my Firefox”.
Sherlock Holmes – “My journey took me somewhat further down the rabbit hole than I intended, and though I dirtied my fluffy white tail I have emerged, enlightened”.
Sheldon – “Well that’s not possible. Science doesn’t allow it”.
Sherlock Holmes – “You have an opinion about everything, don’t you? Let me tell you something. Never theorize before you have data. Invariably, you end up twisting facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts”.
Sheldon – “I beg your pardon? Theorize?  I’m Dr. Sheldon Cooper, BS, MS, MA, PhD and  ScD. OMG, right? Now I want you to statistically tell me how I got here”.
Sherlock Holmes – “It’s simple. You went to a party, the result of which is confetti all over your shirt, you had several shots of an alcoholic beverage since I can see a dried lemon in your pocket. There’s nothing more elusive than an obvious fact”.
Sheldon – “You know, in another life, you’d have made an excellent criminal”.
Sherlock Holmes – “Yes, and you sir, an excellent physicist. I have to take leave now, Irene needs me."
Sheldon – “And I am one who (fails to understand sarcasm).
Sheldon walks ahead to find a coffee shop. He spots Central Perk, enters, and orders a cup of coffee.
Sheldon (to waiter) – “Paper cup not plastic?”
Waiter – “Yes”
Sheldon – “3/4th cup not full.”
Waiter – “Yes”
Sheldon – “Decaf?”
Waiter – “Yes”
Sheldon – “Brown sugar not white?”
Waiter – “Yes”
Sheldon – “Marshmallows to top that?”
Waiter – “No! We don’t have that.”
Sheldon – “Then what took you so long? Gosh! People these days are inhospitable.”
He looks at Joey who just ended up dumping a girl after she proposed to him. 
Sheldon – “I suppose your personality matches Penny’s”.
Joey – “Who?”
Sheldon – “My neighbor Penny, she also has commitment issues just like you.”
Joey – “Is she hot?”
Sheldon – “I don’t know about her body temperature. But she often eats her neighbor’s food”.
Joey – “Oh man!”
Sheldon – “And FYI just so you know it. You’re sitting in my spot.”
Soon after, Sheldon bumps into Priyanka Chopra (PC) at Central Perk.
PC – “Hi Sheldon! How are you doing today?”
Sheldon – “I know I am a very popular physicist but who are you?"
PC –  “I am Priyanka Chopra, Actress and International ‘Exotic’ singer WMA nominee. I helped you after the party last night. I even sang you a lullaby”.
Sheldon –  “A singer? Well, here is my Justice League Membership Card… that doesn’t prove I know Batman”.
PC – “I’ll help you recall what happened last night. You were trying to run from the party and you came to the sets. Fell on the bed and asked me to sing you a song”.
Sheldon – “I don’t believe you. What did I ask you to sing?”
PC –  “Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur! Happy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, Pur, Pur, Pur! Okay, I am getting late for my Golden Globes appearance. Bye”.
Sheldon– “Of course not. Even in my sleep-deprived state, I’ve managed to pull off another one of my classic pranks. BAZINGA! Stupid humans fall prey to me”.
Sheldon heads to the nearest bus stop and asks Gangadhar for help to get home. 
Sheldon – “Excuse me, but my phone doesn’t seem to be working. I can’t use the GPS. Can you please call my friend Leonard”.
Gangadhar – “Sorry my friend. I don’t have a phone. Why don’t you take the bus or just rent a car?"
Sheldon – “Bus? Are you serious? I am afraid I’ll pass out on the bus and someone will harvest my organs. And I am over-evolved to drive the car”. 
Gangadhar – “Hey, I saw you at Salman’s party last night. Do you know what happened last night? I’ll recall the incident for you".
So Gangadhar begins to recap the event for him.
Sheldon – “Hi Salman, I am a big fan of yours. I have seen all your films”.
Salman – “Really? I am very happy to know that”.
Sheldon – “Bazinga! So you’re a struggling ‘actor’ just like Penny”.
Salman – “Struggling? Are you kidding me! I am the best actor you will ever find. Bollywood lives because of me. I am the biggest actor in the world”.
Sheldon –  “I never said that you’re not good at what you do. It’s just that what you do is just not worth doing”.
Salman – “Shera bhai abbey idhar aake isko maaro”. (Salman calls his bodyguard Shera to beat Sheldon up)
Sheldon – “Good Lord. So I didn’t say anything wrong now. I still don’t know why I was being chased:.
Gangadhar – *fuk fuk fuk* transforms into Shaktimaan… 
Shaktimaan “Climb onto my back, I will fly you to your destination”.
Sheldon – “How did you use inappropriate language and transform into a man in a Halloween costume? How can you fly and defy the laws of Physics! Haven’t you heard of Gravity”.  Screams “Who was your Physics teacher in high schooooool?”
As Shaktimaan flies with Sheldon on his back, Sheldon screams, "Ahhhhh, Mommy help! I think it’s Spock taking me to the future”.
Sheldon wakes up with a start and finds himself in pajamas in his apartment. "Good Lord! I was dreaming all of it? I have to now make Tuesdays as Star Wars Movie Day and not Bollywood Movie Day". Having said this, he goes back to sleep, while, Shaktimaan is seen soaring across the sky. 
Despite his social withdrawal, his lack of understanding, and showing apathy, Sheldon still has his friends who support him. The character still scores as one of the most distinct characters created on television and the main reason for the popularity of the show, The Big Bang Theory. Jim Parsons who plays the role of Sheldon has won 5 prestigious awards including the Emmy for Outstanding Lead in a Comedy Series.


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  1. Vishwanath

    April 11, 2014 at 2:37 pm

    Actually I am a big fan of Sheldon and i hate him too.. 😉

    Whatever words he use, you used in here, So cute.

    I am thinking this as stage act like in Big Bang theory.

    Thank u… 🙂

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