Shit people do at Music festivals in India

Check out Badonkadonks
(This one is almost exclusively for men)
Trying to put this as “non-disgustingly” as possible – A badonkadonk is a woman’s curvaceous behind! Now, this does apply mostly to men but if you’re a regular at music festivals, it is not a shocking sight to see even women looking at badonkadonks. “Ooh look at the booty, How BIG are they”. So much fun, no? 


This includes tearing clothes off. It almost feels as if the people tearing their clothes apart have cupboards nearby to change. Also, the times when people tear open their shirts and have extremely ugly paunches, not to mention the other “hairy-scaries”. But yea, it is a moshpit. Who cares? Tear ’em apart! 



What a band, bro!
Yes, we know you’re intoxicated in one way or another. And it is so much fun to listen to new bands. And every now and then, there will be this random conversation – “Bro, did you check out that band. The guitarists were so awesome”. Then, the other “not so intoxicated” guy would say – “Abe Ch*****, uss band mein guitarists nahi the, Tu drunk hai”. 



We mean cameras. We hope you didn’t think anything else. Yea, you wish that happened too, didn’t you? The \m/ has been replaced by the uber cool smart phones’ cool cameras. So many megapixels, flash and blah blah! And then, all those videos and photos are shown to other friends/peers just to tell them “My camera’s clarity is better than yours”. iPhone users, you should be familiar with this. 



Inappropriate dressing
It is a music festival and it is supposed to be fun. But if you’re going to come in a pink lungi with a bright neon-netted shirt, you will still pass off as a Govinda-wannabe. Skimpy outfits are fine but if you have about 300 tonnes of body fat pouring out of everywhere, please spare us the horror. 


Dude, I’m so drunk!
The most common thing you will see at music festivals. I’m so drunk, bro! I am gonna puke, bro. Damn, I am passing out. And at that time all you probably would feel like saying is – “Jab hazam nahi hoti toh peeta kayko hai”. 


*Disclaimer: This is basis observation. Do not feel offended*

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