Dotty: Short Film Review

In 11 short minutes, directors Mick Andrews and Brett O’Gorman have succeeded in sharing a touching yet funny tale. For most people today, sending a text is almost as basic as brushing their teeth. For an elderly person though, the same task can be quite daunting. Dotty is a short film about an elderly lady trying to send a text message to her daughter. 

Dotty is the story of Dorothy Petersen, a frail lady living in an old age home where time is as slow as it could get. She is hinted to be suffering from a weak memory. When she can’t figure out how to start her cell phone, the woman tidying up her room agrees to help her. What follows is a beautiful scene and conversation between a seemingly vexed helper and a bewildered old lady. The irritation of not being able to work the phone and the patience needed to explain simple things like ‘how to unlock the phone’ have been beautifully shown. The two actors, Alison Bruce and Joyce Irving have both put sincere and endearing performances. 
You gotta love the filmmakers’ outlook and the thought behind the screenplay. It makes you laugh and yet strike an emotional chord. And just when you think the film is over, it leaves you awestruck with a twist. The film puts across distinctly how simple subjects can be spun into something special using the short film format. It is no wonder then that the film has already been screened at more than fifty International Film Festivals and has picked up seven awards. 
If you’ve tried explaining anything related to technology to your grandparents, you’ll immediately relate to the conversation between the actors. Watch the movie and tell us what you think about this tale.


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