JAI HIND – India in an alternate reality: Short Film Review

In the true patriotic spirit of Independence Day, OYO Rooms has come up with an ingenious short film that aims to express gratitude to the freedom-fighters of our country. The film is 6 minutes, 18 seconds long and does an impressive job of bringing home their point. The story is set in the year 2015 but in a different kind of India. 

The plot opens with a middle-class couple on a two-wheeler discussing their evening plans. Everything seems routine-ish till they are suddenly hit by car in a prominent Mumbai locality. The foreigner in the car opens his door, looks at them and comments, "Bloody Indians", before driving off without a care. It’s only a matter of seconds before you realize how this India is different from the country we are all so very used to. 
Manoj Bajpayee and Raveena Tandon play the middle-class couple exceedingly well. The director, Vinay Jaiswal, shows us his cinematic stronghold and utilizes the talented actors very well. In the end, the slow rewind, with the intense music and chants of “aazaadi, aazaadi..” , gives us time to reflect on what we have just seen, and leaves us relishing our freedom. 
Freedom- a term that we may have begun to abuse. This film gently reminds us about this by giving us a glimpse of an alternate reality. Watch it to remember and thank the freedom-fighters who gave us 69 beautiful years of the independence we enjoy today. Jai Hind and a very Happy Independence Day!


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