5 Most Memorable Moments From Sivaji

 Rajinikanth is one of the most popular names in Indian cinema. The living legend is often hailed as the biggest superstar, and the first day first shows of his films are celebrated like festivals. However, if there’s one film that made a super mark this decade, then it is the film Sivaji. Directed by Shankar, Sivaji can easily be deemed as one of the biggest hits in Rajinikanth’s career. The film made the actor look, different, stylish and presented him in a fresh role, keeping the mass appeal intact. The film starred Shriya Saran as the female lead, with music by A. R. Rahman. As the Tamil version of the film turns nine, we list some memorable scenes from the film.

1. After landing in India, Sivaji sees a beggar on the streets and gives her money, commenting that many things may have changed in our country, but begging hasn’t. And that’s when he aims at reforming the society. That scene may have seemed dramatic, but only after one watches the film, will one know that the scene determined the plot of the film.
2. In one scene, Rajinikanth perfectly describes what’s wrong with the society. Set in a prison cell the scene features Rajinikanth and a prison inmate. The inmate asks if Sivaji is in for a murder he committed. Sivaji says no. He asks if it was fraud. Sivaji says no. He asks if it was pornography. Sivaji says no. He finally asks what got him arrested. And Sivaji replies with a smile, ”Makkalukku nalladhu pannen”. ( I did good deeds for the people).

3. When Tamizhselvi (Shriya) states that she won’t marry him because of his dark complexion, Sivaji rushes to meet his mother and asks her – ”Yenna yen ma karrupa petha?” (Why did you give birth to a dark-skinned person like me, ma?) to which his mother replies – ”Nee vellai a irundha alluku aiduve da” (If you were fair, you would get dirty). A pretty witty and a funny line, isn’t it?
4. And the popular punch line of the film – ”Kanna panningadhan kootama varum, singam single’a varom” (Pigs come in a group, only lions dare to come alone). This dialogue is still popular! We’re sure you’d agree.

5.One of the best moments of run-of-the-mill drama, is when Sivaji takes on a new avatar, as Sivaji – The Boss, Mottai Boss! How can we forget his style, charisma and his memorable way of saying – Cool!
Which is your favorite scene from this film? Why is it still a popular film you ask? Because it’s Sivaji! Per’a kettale summa adhirudhulla! (Don’t you feel a tremor when you hear my name)

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