It is in this tender age that a person is eager to break free from the confines of the society and kiss the world. An age which brings about changes in us, a sense of revelation with an unsound mind, a fluttering heart and a forsaking gut! An age when the soul is ripe yet raw. An age when the soul has dreadful thoughts, when the heart surrenders to fad, succumbs to peer pressure, rides to breakthrough the prisons of innocence! An age which brings us closer to life and helps distinguish between the right and the wrong, an age which is a beginning to the crucial years of every individual’s life, the teens… Sixteen!
Raising the curtains of teenage life is the film Sixteen.
The film directed by debutante Raj Purohit is a story of four teenagers who submit to the call of glitterati, go with the flow and almost ruin their lives. It is a story about a rather delicate phase of life, a coming-of-age film which sheds light on most problems faced by teens. Be it suicidal thoughts, a heartbreak, losing one’s virginity, attraction for the glam world, the film shows all the aspects of the turbulent teenage life yet it lacks the teen essence (majorly because of the acting and the technicalities). It not only shows the mindset of the teens but also highlights the thought process of the parents. It is preachy and brings out the point that to make your child a responsible citizen, care should be taken that the child isn’t given too much of freedom and/or is pressurized too much.
Sixteen being the debut film for all the actors, their acting although looks amateurish, their efforts are still visible. A point to be noted here is that even after being the story of four teenagers; it sways a tad-bit much in favor of Tanisha (Wamiqa Gabbi) throughout the film. The character of Anu (Izabelle Leite) comes out as a girl who is too mature to be sixteen years old. As also the dubbing done for Izabelle neither matches the character nor has a proper lip-sync. Characters of writer Vikram Kapoor (Keith Sequeira) and of Nidhi (Mehak Manwani), being pivotal could have been more elaborated while Ashwin’s character (Highphill) could have been avoided or nurtured in a better way.
The film has been extensively shot in Delhi and explores the nooks and corners of this political center. However, there are some unnecessary excursions shown in the film just to bring out the Delhiite feel to the picture. The plot of the film is very good but the inapt execution messes it up. The storytelling is elusive and very predictable. Dialogues might be sappy but are an essential element to suit the plot. The use of flashback could have been done in a significant way as clubbing it with flash-forward somehow ruins the narration while making the climax dwindle. The scenes in the film, although not sleazy, are indeed bold and suggestive. Then there are voids in the film which are unnecessary and illogical (for instance the character, Ashwin, running on the street for the longest time looked like he could even break The Flying Sikh’s record!).
The music of the film is given by four musicians namely Prashant Pillai, Adam Avil, Eddie Avil and Gaurav Dagaonkar which explains why the music hasn’t turned out so well. Surely too many cooks spoil the broth! The songs are not worth-mentioning, are forced and are used so as to bring forth a new twist in the plot.
The storytelling which is clotty could have been concise and precise as dragging it to make it a 140-minutes long film, has taken away its sassy flavor. The film has a negative opening but ends on a positive note. However, there is nothing novel that the film tries to portray, same ‘ol teen troubles.

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  1. Karishma

    July 12, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Hi Siddhi,

    Thanks for sharing ! after reading your blog post i m tempted to watch this movie 🙂
    keep writing !

  2. Anushree

    July 13, 2013 at 1:48 am

    Watched this one.. Was refreshing and entertaining.. Represents the changes coming with the new generations.. Enjoyed the songs too.. Would like to hear esp chad gayi some more.. All teens and parents should watch this.. May open our minds to some thoughts.. It surely opened up mine!! Do watch

  3. Sandeep

    July 13, 2013 at 1:56 am

    Watched and enjoyed!! Must watch! You will certainly relate to the characters and see a bit of yourself in them..

  4. VjMOVIEws

    July 14, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    Yet another story based on a quartet of friends hits Box Office this time. But, it’s not a regular display of mischief which we are spoon fed with every now and then. Sixteen is a take on the life of Four-Teens [yet the movie is titled SixTeen ;-)] each having a different personality yet sharing a common underlying theme, “the dawn of adulthood and the resultant challenges”. Throwing light on some of the intricate yet interesting thoughts which resonate in our mind during those days, Sixteen attempts to shed off societal taboo affixed to the youth.

    Shot in Delhi, Sixteen is a story of four urbane teens (3 chicks and a chap) who during their transition to maturity comes across many of the experiences shared by today’s youth (love, lust, sex, heartbreaks, etc.). Tanisha (Wamiqa) is awaiting her prince charming while nurturing a notion that none of her age chaps fits her definition; Anu (Isabelle) is a voluptuous girl who is a wannabe model; Nidhi (Mehak) in being an upright girl is waiting for an ironic turn of events to lose her virginity while Ashwin (Highpill) is a reticent guy who is under constant pressure from his father to be an IAS officer. However, the movie is more focused on three girls and thus is a welcome change in the time of Bromance.

    All the four protagonists in attainment of their ambition combats several rough patches potent enough to throw their smooth ride into a muddle. Several of the roadblocks emanates out of their peer pressure, parents’ over protective behavior and dilemmas of youth. The plot may not be novel but the narrative makes it an interesting watch.

    A luscious flow of dialogues, uneasy situations and a silly tact of teens makes the movie a refreshing experience. The performances dint look refined to me but their very own amateurishness adds to the taste of the movie. Debutant director, Raj Purohit has done a decent role in identifying with lead characters and presenting them over silver screen. However, despite having a snazzy on screen display, the movie could not be sharper thanks to unnecessary songs(a Bollywood curse) and some futile scenes.

    Over all, I enjoyed the movie because its coming-of-age drama has not been depicted with such an audacity in many of the Bollywood movies before. Its a sure go-go for a bunch of teens but a dicey one for parents thanks to several uncomfortable moments which they might not like to witness with their kids.

  5. Mohammed Akil Shaikh

    July 16, 2013 at 1:00 pm

    must go. and well draft article

  6. sibongile

    June 10, 2014 at 2:35 pm

    Really enjoyed this movie and i wont mind watching it a thousands times. well done Vikram.

  7. Waleed

    August 6, 2014 at 3:12 am

    the start is embarassing indeed but the end was awesome full of lessons…

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