Umpteen alien invasions on planet earth have been churned out by Hollywood. Some of the most memorable being War of the Worlds and Independence Day.  Although like both these hits, this sci-fi has its own unique version of aliens – a bunch of black gooey octopi-armed monsters that shoot out blue rays, they fail to create the mass hysteria and pandemonium necessary for such a doomsday portrayal. You don’t see hordes of people running to save their lives or strategizing their self defense. For that matter, the entire populous of LA vanishes over night, absurdly sparing our protagonists. Even the only real threat is the blue fluorescent rays that hypnotize and suck up people but are easily thwarted by using venetian blinds or a blanket to cover the windows! In a scene one of the girls finds it unnecessary for a friend to carry a gun after watching her boyfriend being abducted by aliens? Wow girl, you may be pro gun-control but what about your own basic survival? (A stark lacuna of logic which prevails throughout the film!) When the monsters finally descend on one of the protagonists, he easily fends them off with a fist fight? Pretty lame!

The story begins with an alien siege on the American metropolis in the wee hours of the morning and our characters, high rollers with a spectacular apartment, are snoozing after a rough night partying. The starcast are the familiar TV faces, Balfour of 24, Faison of Scrubs, David Zayas of Dexter, but sadly the audience is unable to relate to any of the characters here. You don’t even care much when one by one they are swallowed whole. No tension or drama is built up and you care even less when one of them turns into an alien but somehow is the only one to retain his human feelings and sanity.

Colin and Greg Strause, after working in Iron Man 2 and Avatar, expertly present the visual effects but their direction in this film is an absolute flop. The storyline is kept simple but is not engaging enough for a true sci-fi fan to sit through the entire length of the monotonous chase that ensues.

Sci-fi geeks seek homage in your DVD collections and reruns of past epics. Skip this.

[Rating: 1.5]

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1 Comment

  1. XYZ

    November 14, 2010 at 11:08 pm

    HI All,

    This is worset sci-fii movie ever in my life.Please Please please don’t go to watch this and waste your money.go give that mony in charity ro in other good things.Base less movie,only 4 chrachters were talk ing to each other and i don’t no y movie end.

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