Sooper Se Ooper’s trailer made us believe that the film would at least give us plenty of laughs, if not anything else. The film in a way lives up to what it almost seems to promise in the trailer. However, it achieves this feat by ridiculing itself, i.e. through its highly immature plot and direction.

A property feud is the base on which the story develops. Ranveer Singh(Vir Das), our protagonist, has to run from pillar-to-post to inherit a property that belongs to his deceased mother.  Das acts in his element and has done a fairly commendable job. But what really bothers me is that Das hasn’t experimented one bit with his look or the kind of characters that he has been portraying ever since his debut in Bollywood.

Similarly, the film too has nothing novel to offer. There was a time when "small budget" films, with relatively fresh faces or lesser-known stars, would breathe fresh air into cinema halls, that were playing host to typical Bollywood Masala flicks. But after watching Sooper Se Ooper, I have to sadly accept that these films too are slowly turning out to be a stereotype.
The only saving grace of the film is Madhav Singh Rathore (Gulshan Grover), who plays Ranveer’s mama (maternal uncle) and Yashpal Sharma, Madhav Singh’s loyal helper. The film is full of clichés and predictable scenes like – the usual loud North Indian fights and arguments, uncalled-for nudity and characters speaking in a stereotypical North Indian accent (mostly Rajasthani). The comic sense of the film is pathetic; I remember funnier plays being enacted out in school.
The primary conflict in the film is barely touched upon. I believe the song dance sequence, "Introducing Gul" starring Kirti Kulhari, was added to the film to make sure the film doesn’t run into losses. But the song is immaturely-directed is going to be far from a saving grace for Sooper Se Ooper.
Debutante director, Shekhar Ghosh has attempted to blend the Rajasthani folk style of theatre into his film, by making it vibrant, colorful and loud. However, he has failed miserably at this.  What’s saddening, is how the talents of Gulshan Grover and Kirti Kulhari (who had given a brilliant performance in Shaitan), have been wasted.
The one positive thing about the film is the representation of a villager’s perspective of a city through Madhav Singh Rathore (Grover), Bhaironji (Sharma) and Gul (Kirti Kulhari).
The second-half is a drag, I almost found myself falling asleep. A good part of the film is set in Rajasthan, and to say aptly, the film is as dry, as its deserts.

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  1. Somesh Sinha

    October 25, 2013 at 8:17 pm

    1 star

    Low-budgeted movies turned out to be quite a game changer in Bollywood these days. But a film released with neither any promotion nor any hype or hoopla, will be discarded by the masses, no two doubts in that. It’s a matter of sheer negligence to make a movie with such great effort & persistence and releasing it without highlighting about the concept, motive of the movie and for whom it has been made & that too without any renowned name attached to it. The trailer, though, gave us the feeling that the movie would provide some genuine laughs but alas! it turned out to be just the contrary with immature plot, direction & acting.

    Without delving much in the storyline & to cut the long story short, the movie is based on property feud due to which a Mumbai-based lad Ranvir Singh aka Dholu (Vir Das) is forced to look out for his long lost forgotten Maama/Madhav Singh Rathod (Gulshan Grover), to claim his rightful property from illegally getting in the hands of Kukreja (Deepak Dobriyal) and Salim Bhai (Tinnu Anand). He goes off to a village Shekhawati in Rajasthan for the same, as he has only 30 days to claim. That’s it. He gets struck there, somehow returns back to Mumbai, falls his head over heels to Gulabbo (Kirti Kulhari) and the endless list goes on & on of his problems, with a hurried climax that sets everything right.

    Frankly, these sorts of stories seem quite good in the paper but doesn’t even deserve to be made into a movie of 109 minutes. The film has nothing novel to offer. It keeps on dragging right from the very beginning to the point it becomes a sore for the eyes. The second half is even more sluggish. To make the situation worst, the movie has got substandard songs as well. The director cum story writer (Shekhar Ghosh) is clueless throughout. The DoP (Mohana Krishna) too seems overshadowed by the amateurish idea of the director. Music Directors (Bickram Ghosh & Sonu Nigam) should be given no future assignments of composing songs for any movie. The dialogues are ubiquitously plain ordinary. The talented bunch of actors are wasted with poor acting as well.

    Vir das does a commendable job but doesn’t quite experiment neither with his looks nor acting. Kirti Kulhari, Gulshan Grover, Yashpal Sharma, Mahesh Balraj, Mohan Kapoor & Tinnu Anand (cameo) are wasted. Deepak Dobriyal is competent, though he performs over the board.

    On the whole, Sooper Se Ooper would result in a huge loss to all the concerned. For the uninitiated, don’t even search for it on the net.

    • Dev

      October 27, 2013 at 6:33 am

      hahahah why have you copy pasted what the author has written?

      • Somesh Sinha

        October 28, 2013 at 10:36 pm

        can u plzz elaborate?

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