Sooraj Barjatya – The Original Provider of Sanskaar

Sooraj Barjatya is a name that is known to everyone who is a member of a joint family in this country. He has given "families" a new meaning altogether. The sanskaar and pyaar his movies portray are nowhere else to be found. He has been infusing sanskaar into his viewers since Maine Pyaar Kiya, till date. And it is not limited to families. He has also always set the ideals for a relationship and for married couples. His funda is – love, respect and sanskaar for all. 

So, on the occasion of his birthday, let's have a look at how Mr. Barjatya gave sanskaar its true meaning through his movies:

Via Babuji
Sooraj Barjatya - BookMyShow

We all know how important a father is in a family. Barjatya's version of Babuji a.k.a Alok Nath (also, Anupam Kher at times) is the ideal father of the Indian society and the most sanskaari ever. He loves his family, his kids, his step-kids, their friends, their servants and their kids and anybody he has possibly given ashirwaad to. He respects the elders (only one or two left in the family) and loves the younger lot immensely, and teaches everyone to do so too. There can be no disputes in the family as long as Babuji is there to take care of all and produce future Babujis like him.

By his sense of family

Sooraj Barjatya loves the idea of a flourishing joint family that stays together, eats together and lives in one single huge-ass house. Most of India's population still lives as a joint family with relatives extended to dadu ke chacha ke bete ki bahu ke bhai ki bitiya, and it is important to maintain harmony to live in that kind of a household happily. By portraying a sanskaari joint family who lives together and still loves the family is an inspiration to the entire nation.

Via Wedding songs
Sooraj Barjatya - BookMyShow

Weddings are the most important part of Barjatya's films and one's life. Although, in a general household, the discussion with a 22-years-old start and end with marriage, most of Barjatya's movies also start or end with a marriage (if not both). It is when kids of a family start a new life and it is important that they remember to stick to their values. To help here, SB's movies have given us a number of songs to play on every occasion to help the to-be-wed start a sanskaar-ful life – Mai ni mai – Mehandi ceremony, Didi Tera devar dewaana – Desi Bachelor party, Chote chote bhaiyo k badey bhaiya – Baraat, etc.

And weddings
Sooraj Barjatya - BookMyShow

Weddings are just too important. It is the time when all the extended joint families literally come under one roof for a week long lineup of functions. There's no better time to spread sanskaar than a wedding. Through his movies, Barjatya has made sure that families know of all the extensive rituals properly. He also makes sure that he has the latest outfits, jewellery and trends on-screen to keep it sanskaari and happening at the same time. He has provided the Indian household with the post-shaadi intro ceremony.

Sanskaari couple/s
Sooraj Barjatya - BookMyShow

Couples in movies often go beyond the codes of sanskaar set by the Indian society. Barjatya, on the other hand, has made sure that his characters adhere to the code of conduct and makes sure families do not lose face. The much-in-love couples are shown to be shy and rarely talk – what is more sanskaari than that?

A few jealous family members
Sooraj Barjatya - BookMyShow

Too much of anything is not good for health. So in a family full of loving innocent people, a few jealous and mean members keep the love intact. And by showing that these members of the family are also important, he has made people accept them happily with their flaws. And what does this get you? Yes, a happy sanskaari family.

And last but not the least, through Prem
Sooraj Barjatya - BookMyShow

By Prem we do not mean love; we mean the lead of the movie, who is the ideal of the ideals, an obedient son, a loving brother, a perfect partner and everything you expect a sanskaari man to be. As much as he loves and pampers the family, he is the one to keep the foot down when he sees the family falling apart. Barjatya has made sure that he keeps his lead's name Prem in every movie and no Prem has ever disappointed the sanskaar-seeking audience.

We would like to thank Sooraj Barjatya for his major contribution in our lives and wish him a very happy birthday and all the best for his next sanskaari venture.

Do you also agree that he has been granting the society with required sanskaar? Let us know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This article is meant to be a light-hearted tribute to Sooraj Barjatya’s resounding success. No offense is intended towards him or any of the great artists he has worked with.

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