Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield or Tobey Maguire?

You might be wondering why bother? Why think about the differences between the two incarnations of a comic book superhero? Does it even matter? It does actually. We like to play favorites. Each and everyone of us have them. A favorite food, a favorite color, a favorite number, and now we can have our favorite Spider-man. And here is the kicker, you can’t make this decision by just flipping a coin. You already thought about that, didn’t you? No, this is about the web-head. Lets have some fun.

The Peter Parker comparison, who did it better?

Here we have a dilemma, since there are those who haven’t really read the comic books, they might just get up and shout, “ Tobey, we love you!” Uh no, the Peter Parker that exists in in the Marvel universe is in fact a geek. A nerd, a science freak, a number cruncher, an human encyclopedia. Andrew Garfield‘s Peter Parker takes first place here. His Peter Parker has all those traits, from working on his late father’s research to making his own web-shooters, he brings the nerd to life. In Tobey Maguire‘s case, we have a person who has his shy guy moments. Let’s face it, brainy is the new sexy.

The Spider-Man costume:

Now you might be thinking `what does that have to do with everything?’ Let’s examine, shall we?

The costume plays an important part here. It defines him. The red and blue with the webbing, and you just know that it is Spider-Man. The Amazing Spider-Man costume is wicked. But to be precise, the old one was kinda iconic. In the end, it is about the person in the costume that makes the difference.


Here, we have a small problem. Tobey’s Spider-Man got some nice fight sequences in Spider-Man 2. Andrew’s Spidey was facing off with Lizard. The fight sequences in the Amazing Spider-Man movie were fast paced and more fluid. You got to see the aerial acrobatics that Spidey brings to combat. In the Amazing Spider-Man, we get to watch Peter learn to adapt and fight. His skill set grows through out the film. Hopefully in the coming film, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, there will be a lot more combat to be enjoyed. Till then check out the trailer and see for yourself. 


Humor Styles:

Finally we get to see the Spidey that we have read in our comic books. With witty banter, sarcastic statements and tongue-in-cheek humor, Andrew’s Spider-Man made us smile. Tobey’s quips weren’t notable, they were more along the lines of standard jokey lines. Both Spideys use physical humor, but it’s inner funny-guy that makes The Amazing Spider-Man cool.

Romantic Inclinations:

In this comparison, we have to contend with the fact that The Amazing Spider-Man story arc has barely begun. And Andrew’s Peter is interested in Gwen Stacy, who is played by the delectable Emma Stone. Tobey’s Peter had eyes only for Mary Jane Watson. I have to side with Andrew’s Peter though. The whole “shy-guy with a heart of gold” routine works. And Gwen Stacy is a strong character. Not to forget, she is quite hot.

These are just a few of the points about these two portrayals.

The thing is we can argue about who played what better till the cows come home. Instead, all you need to do catch The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in theatres and make that decision. Get ready to swing! ‘Cos Spider-Man is back!  

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