The spooky quotient in Kollywood

Think back to the time when you watched a nerve-chilling, scary movie with a bunch of friends. And recall those frightening moments; you might have had yourself laughing at the funny antics the characters adopt, to escape the ghost. Soon you realize you’re watching a horror-comedy.  A genre that mixes both fright as well as fun. Ever since films like Muni and Pizza faced stupendous success at the box-office in recent years, Kollywood is seeing a rise in the number of horror films.

Not that this spine-chilling genre is untapped in Kollywood, but the makers are giving it a new twist by making horror-comedies. And the audiences are loving it. This year, freshly-brewed horror-comedies are being served; let’s take a list of the list of films that are sure to thrill you. 

1. Yaamiruka Bayamey
The latest release that made it big without any big stars or fancy budget is director Deekay’s – Yaamiruka Bayamey. Cleverly making use of CGI and deceiving camera tricks, the film managed to thrill the audience. One of the main reasons for the success of the film is that the director infused a scary feel to the film without incorporating any gory scenes, and this certainly paid-off.  The buzz is that the film might have a sequel too; it looks like the director surely upped the horror-comedy quotient in K-town.
2. Aranmanai
Known for giving blockbuster ‘masala’ movies targeted to family audience, Sundar.C is now venturing into a new genre with Aranmanai. While the film deals with a fictitious story that revolves around a haunted mansion, the director encountered a supernatural experience on the set. The eerie incident in question occurred while filming a scene that involved a child artist to speak to an imaginary person. After the director and editor replayed the dialogues of the particular sequence, they were shaken. To their shock, they could hear someone breathing into the dark empty spaces. Spooky isn’t it? 
3. Aaah
Remember the 3D sci-fi thriller Ambuli that created waves with its technological innovation? Well, the team is back this year with a horror-thriller film titled Aaaah. Uniquely named ‘Aaah’ , the sound of someone voicing a sharp pain when in fear, this would surely attract film-goers. The plot revolves around people who venture into a worldwide journey, trying to prove the existence of paranormal activities. What’s more intriguing are the locations the film is shot in  – Japan, Dubai, Mid-sea in the Bay of Bengal and an isolated highway in Andhra Pradesh. All these elements sure seem like a treat for horror movie lovers. Let’s wait and watch if the film delivers the same excitement as the title.
4. Poochandi
After much speculation over the title and cast of Surya-Venkat Prabhu’s next film, the grapewine is abuzz that the duo’s latest film is titled – Poochandi. After witnessing Surya in high-octane action movies, it would be a refreshing change to see the actor in a horror-comedy.  And the crowd-pulling quotient is undoubtedly Surya, who is rumored to play the role of a friendly ghost (much like Casper – the friendly ghost?). Yesteryear superstar ‘Mike’ Mohan is also said to play a crucial role in the film. 
5. Pisasu
After giving us the much-acclaimed Onnaiyum Aatukutiyum, maverick filmmaker Mysskin has launched the follow-up to his film, Pisasu. Known for his path-breaking style of filmmaking, without adhering to the hero-culture, the filmmaker has done immense research in the US, working on this paranormal thriller. Ace director Bala is producing this film. Filmmakers usually launch their films at the auspicious morning hours, but director Myskin did the first-of-sorts by launch his film in the eerie hours of midnight, probably to justify the genre of the film. 
Horror as a genre evokes a certain level of comedy, combined with an engaging story. This genre is sure to offer something new to the audience. A good horror-comedy has to offer some legitimate scares and some genuine laughs that will make the audience scream and howl at the same time. So which movie are you looking forward to this year? Do let us know.

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