Apart from Bollywood and Politics, the one thing that ticks the grump off most Indians is cricket. And the league provides the perfect platform to manifest the inner cricket fan. The league is like a 2 month trip to la la land for cricket fans around the country. From chai stalls to shopping malls, all discussions revolve around the same topic i.e. Cricket. And then, there are few people who take things a few notches higher. The fans who eat, drink, breathe cricket. The ones for whom Cricket is religion and Sachin is god. We chronicle the lives of such cricket fans during the league.

1. Changing shifts

The 9 to 5 shift at work becomes 8 to 4. Because 4 pm is exactly the time when the first ball of the afternoon game gets bowled.

2. Parties prohibited

No partying for these 2 months. Even if they do, they have to end up happening at a sports bar.

3. Nice shirt

Each team plays a minimum of 3 games every week. So selecting clothes will not be much of a task when you know that you’ll be wearing the same jersey 3 days of the week.

4. Catch every match.

Working over time and saving holidays the whole year so that they can watch the home games live!

5. Patriotism taking a back seat.

A Knight Rider’s fan wont be rooting for Dhoni. No Mumbai Indian fan will cheer for Virat Kohli at the Wankhede. Basically, they dont bleed blue for the next 2 months. They bleed colours of their own.

6. Electronic Stores to the rescue.

Fans avoid stepping out of the house during match days. Just in case they have to, they hope they stay stuck in traffic outside a T.V. store till the game gets over.

7. Rain, rain go away!

Everybody loves the rains, everyone. Except cricket fans. The last thing they’d want is the game getting ruined due to the Duckworth Lewis. So praying to the rain gods becomes an important part of every cricket fan’s KRA.

8. Bear Navjot Singh Siddhu.

Watching the match on mute is certainly not a good option , hence one has to bear with Siddhu Paji’s commentary (Read : Kawwali Nights) for 8 hours at a stretch.

Here are 8 things we think every cricket fan goes through during the league. List your experiences in the comments section below.

By Vikas Nopany