The Indian Tour of England 2011- A statistical review-

16th of September, 2011 will go down in Indian history books as the day an entire country breathed a sigh of relief. The sigh, accompanied by a deep groan, has been recorded as more audible than the recent worldwide sigh that accompanied the sudden viral leak of Scarlett Johannson’s private pictures. It was a close call, but Munaf’s injury did it for us record-breakers.

The tour has ended. It wasn’t exactly a war- as no battle is when only one team plays against…the weather and itself. India refused to show up, hell-bent on breaking all sorts of other important records related to injury, bad luck, rotten luck, unfortunate weather, tough luck, questionable referrals and rotten umpiring.
Life, of course, will never be the same again for an Indian fan. One minute, they were World Champion fans. The next (two months later), they were still World Champion fans- which made it all the more humiliating. The world has ended, for now. Atleast till another tournament begins. In a few days.
The wounds will not have healed. The sagging spirits will take a while to restore itself to petrol-price proportions. But one must never forget- this was a ‘learning experience’. Atleast that’s what we tell ourselves.

A sequence that defies Fibonacci and the law of averages

So rather than a cold-cut analysis of this (un)forgettable tour of England, let us use a different and more Indian-centric approach to today’s review. What better way than numbers to express yourself when words can’t do the talking, right? RIGHT?
Here we go:

5: The number of tosses MS Dhoni managed to lose in a row.

5: The number of minutes Rohit Sharma batted for in the entire ODI series after flying more than 20 hours round-trip to rescue the squad from batting worries.

5: Parthiv Patel’s height and Suresh Raina’s test batting average in the final two tests. Also, India’s current ODI ranking at the end of the tour.

4: The number of times D&L method appeared in the ODI series, one more than the number of times Dravid was screwed over by Hotspot and its variations.

8: The number of games England won on the tour- out of a total of 10.

8: The difference between the number of wins for India and England on the entire tour.

8: The number of first-team players injured at any given time for India on the tour. Gambhir, Sehwag, Harbhajan, Zaheer, Rohit Sharma, Tendulkar, Munaf and Yuvraj Singh.

13: The bowling average of Stuart Broad in the test series.

13: The batting average of Suresh Raina, RP Singh and Harbhajan Singh in the test series.

2: The number of wickets Zaheer Khan took on the first morning of the first test before limping out.

2: The number of wickets Harbhajan Singh took over the entire first two tests.

144: The highest average by a player on either side in the test series. Harbhajan Singh’s bowling average.

Nothing official about it

106: The batting average of KP in the Test series.

106: The total amount of runs scored by Raina in the test series.

3: The total number of Indian batsmen in the top four run-getters of the ODI series.

3: The margin by which India lost the ODI series, without winning a single game.

3: The number of days it will take an average Indian cricket fan to forgive and forget once they watch MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina step out in their yellow jerseys to play Mumbai Indians in the first game of CL 2011.

1: India’s test ranking before the test series.

1: Number of players in the Indian team looking fit enough to play Test Cricket consistently.

1: The number of times Nasser Hussain made the Indian commentator duo of Gavaskar and Shastri look a bit like donkeys in the box.

The moment Gandhi turned in his grave

89: Munaf Patel’s bowling average in the ODI series.

89: The age at which Rahul Dravid might be called back to lead India in their tour of England in the year 2062.

4: The number of World-Cup Winners left in the side after the tour.

4: The number of years before the next England tour AND the number of years it might take Sachin Tendulkar to reach that elusive milestone.

6.35: The average economy rate of an Indian ODI bowler in English conditions on this tour.

6.40: The average age of an Indian kid before he decides to take up ‘batting’ in cricket after watching idols Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid on screen.

3: India’s current Test Ranking & the number of months it took for India to forfeit their ranking after being crowned World Champions.

3: The number of sixes Rahul Dravid has hit in his entire T20 International career.

3: The number of minutes it will take Sachin Tendulkar and Gautam Gambhir to get off the mark with a beautiful cover drive in CL T20 2011.

2: The number of test-series whitewashes Duncan Fletcher has been witness to as coach of an international cricket side.

1: The number of tests India have won, out of 7, under Duncan Fletcher.

0: number of full 50 over games played in the series AND Suresh Raina’s chances of being selected in another Test Series.

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