A T20 cricket league Ticket – Buying much more than cricket!

Cricket season is on and we all know where to get our T20 cricket league from. Ahem. BookMyShow. Ahem. But then which tickets to buy ? Here, it gets confusing with the amount of choices available. Will we be able to see Dhoni’s helicopter shot? Will we be able to see Virat Kohli’s straight drive ? This is just the cricket part. But when it comes to the T20 cricket league, there is much more than cricket on offer. And booking the right tickets is the key to enjoy all of it. Here is a list of factors other than cricket that one should keep in mind while buying a T20 cricket league ticket:

1. Quick Exit

When you know its a one sided game, you don’t really want to wait till the end, and then, try to make your way through traffic. Especially when its your team which is on the losing side.

2. Good Food

A four hour long match in the sweltering heat does require its dose of food and drinks. Book your seats accordingly.

3. Cheerleaders

Upping the glam quotient are the dancing dolls, our very own pom pom bearing cheerleaders. Just in case, the game gets boring, the spectators have on board a different ball game altogether too.

4. TV Footage

Who wouldn’t want to be on the TV screens of 200 million people at the same time. Our recommendations : Seats below the score board, and the ones right next to the pavilion.

5. Celeb Spotting

A selfie with Shah Rukh Khan, saying hello to Preity Zinta, or a chance meeting with Anushka Sharma. All possible here at the T20 cricket league.

6. Catching the ball

Chris Gayle is known to send many of those deliveries over the boundary and into the stands. Catching on to one of those is definitely a moment of delight and pride.

By Vikas Nopanyзять кредитную карту онлайн