What Should Sachin Do Post Retirement?

So what is Sachin Tendulkar going to do post his retirement from cricket? Like seriously, what is he gonna do? In his own words, "All my life, I have had a dream of playing cricket for India. I have been living this dream every day for the last 24 years…it’s hard for me to imagine a life without playing cricket because it’s all I have ever done since I was 11 years old."

Most big cricketers have turned commentators, some failed actors, some others into industrialists. But for a man, whose bread and butter is cricket, who has walked, talked and lived cricket and for whom cricket is nothing less than a state of mind, anything other than cricket doesn’t seem apt.

The thought of Sachin completely disappearing from the field is nothing but depressing.

The only thing that we can imagine him do, is play some more cricket. As childish as it sounds, I’m sure that every Sachin fan out there is hoping that the universe conspires and Sachin never has to retire from cricket.

As cynical as it sounds, apart from cricket, whatever other vocation he takes up, will never match up to his persona.

Founding a cricket coaching institute, buying an IPL team, becoming a member of the BCCI or the ICC, taking up cricket commentary are a couple of the conventional things that he might pick up.

But apart from these what we would really watch him do is play another sport. Sachin is known to have played many sports as a hobby or just to keep himself fit. Not very long ago, Sachin had mentioned in an interview that he might take up golf post his retirement from cricket. And going by Sachin’s determination, he is bound to succeed in whatever he sets foot in. Quoting Sachin, "I always believe, that the almighty will take care of everything. If you give your best, good results will take care of themselves."

Last year, Tendulkar was offered  a nomination to the Rajya Sabha and he accepted this offer. A man like Tendulkar is sure to make his six-year tenure count. He was quoted saying, "I am in a better position not only to help cricket but also other sports in the country…I would be happy if I am remembered as someone who has contributed to all sports in India rather than just my cricket statistics."
Going by this, we feel that Sachin should seriously consider is becoming the next Sports Minister of India.

In fact, legendary runner, Milkha Singh said that, "…after retirement Sachin should go to the academies and produce more cricketers and if possible try to become the Sports Minister. I think he will do great service for the nation."

And we can’t help but agree more. Sachin won’t only get enormous respect as a Sports Minister, but will also do justice to the job given to him. Imagine how much our country would progress in terms of athletics, a field where we are seriously lag behind. If Sachin takes up the post of the Sports Minister, he, who is no less than a God in India would have a following, that would hang on to every word of his.

Whatever it is that Sachin takes up post his retirement, his presence on the cricket field would be irreplaceable. And like every maniacal fan, we still hold onto that wish of ours, that Sachin never may have to retire from cricket. Bidding the God of Cricket goodbye is the hardest things ever and all we can do is thank him for being the nation’s pride.

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