Sachin’s Life + Bollywood = Boom!

You don’t need to be a cricket junkie to feel sad about the Little Master’s retirement from his playground. Fans of the God of Cricket had their hearts full, throats choked and  eyes welled up in tears as Sachin Tendulkar finally decided to call it a day. One of the many mournful Twitter posts at the announcement of his retirement went like this,

Today, we all are gonna feel old, our last childhood hero has also retired. #Sachin
Albin John George (@AlbinJohnGeorge) October 10, 2013

Sachin’s entry into cricket happened by chance. Today a calm and composed man on field, Sachin was once famously known to bully his juniors his school. In order to bring his mischief under control, his brother Ajit pushed him into cricket-coaching under Ramakant Achrekar. His glorious journey into the world of cricket thus began. Sachin grew so fond of the game that he used to sleep with his gear during his junior days. Former Indian Captain, Chandu Borde described Sachin as being the "first person to be on the field for practise and always the last to leave.

From being a young 14 year-old ball boy in the 1987 World Cup match at Wankhede, to facing the match-fixing controversy in 2000, to having one of the most successful careers in cricket history, Sachin’s life has all the ingredients to make an awe-inspiring Bollywood story. What’s mentioned above is just a glimpse into the life of the maestro. 
So it won’t be surprising if Bollywood producers think of cashing on the Master Blaster’s life.  India has been witness to the fanaticism that got triggered when two of her darlings, Cinema and Cricket collaborated and gave birth to Lagaan. Other popular films like Dil Bole Hadippa, Patiala House and Ferrari Ki Sawaari have tried their hand at mingling cricket and cinema, however the results haven’t been as fruitful as Lagaan. But Iqbal, the story of a deaf and mute boy who aspires to play National level cricket managed to touch many hearts. Imagine the level of maddening enthusiasm that will be brought about when The God Of Cricket and Cinema come together. The only challenge would lay in the execution of such a project, especially in casting for the role of Sachin Tendulkar. If executed well, this film would make it’s mark in history, much like Sachin’s career. So who would you deem fit to play the role of Tendulkar?  Methinks that Aamir Khan would be the best choice for this role, considering that he’s played enough cricket during the filming of Lagaan and also because he likes playing Mr.Perfectionist much like Sachin.
However this is just a passing thought, till then Sachin’s fans eagerly wait for his 200th test so that they can watch Indian cricket’s magician play his last innings and give him a standing ovation. Actually not just his fans but his mother, wife, children, fellow cricketers and those millions that he’s inspired wish to watch him in all his glory, for one last time on the field.

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