Result: Sebastian Vettel scores another pole-to-victory, with Alonso second and Raikkonen third.

In the end, the Marina Bay saw what only reaffirmed the tone of the 2013 season. A young German won his 7th Grand Prix in 13 races, an-always-bridesmaid double world champion Spaniard finished second in his inferior car, with a Finn (soon to join forces with the Spaniard) scoring yet another much-needed podium position.

With just a maximum of 150 points available this season (6 races to go), Vettel now leads Alonso by 60 points. This was the second consecutive time in two races that the pair finished 1-2. The other Red Bull driver, veteran Mark Webber in his last season, won’t be too impressed with the proceedings at Singapore after being docked 10 places for the next race in Korea. Being offered a lift by Alonso to the pits after suffering a burned engine in the last lap has earned him this silly penalty- no doubt one of the many flaws (apart from the stewards themselves) plaguing this sport.

Vettel, though, drove a race of his own after almost being passed by Rosberg at the first turn. When the safety car was deployed after lap 25, the German drove at a stunning pace to build up a lead all over again over Rosberg, leading by over 10 seconds after just 4 laps. The Red Bull was way too quick for Alonso once again, and the Spaniard had to gamble a couple of times with his pitstops- eventually managing to come in 2nd despite some pretty ordinary engineering by Ferrari. Alonso enjoyed the best start possible in the race, going from 7th to 3rd by the first turn. He was never going to overtake Vettel on race day, and if anything, his team must be praying for some DNFs for the Red Bulls- and must have cursed when the wrong Red Bull pulled up in the last lap. Poor Webber was classified in 15th position, giving Nico and Hamilton 4th and 5th in their Mercedes cars.

The Drivers Championship is all but decided with 6 races still to go. Only a miracle (like an explosion at the Red Bull factory) could prevent Vettel from becoming only the third driver ever to win a fourth consecutive World Championship. Since his shock Championship win in 2010 over Alonso, Vettel has enjoyed the better of most of their battles- with that season having broken Ferrari backs once and for all. They will already be looking forward to the 2014 season, when they will have two of the top ‘best of the rest’ drivers teaming up to challenge Vettel’s world domination. It was Alonso that ended Michael Schumacher’s domination almost a decade ago, and time is quickly running out for him to be able to end yet another German superstar’s domination in FormulaOne.

For the sake of the sport, for fans across the world, for fans expecting a close battle in Korea and India, Ferrari must find their mojo again.

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