F1 Review- Canadian Grand Prix, 2013
Result– Sebastian Vettel wins, followed by Alonso 16 seconds behind.

36 points now separate leader Sebastian Vettel and his closest challenger Alonso in the standings, and it is not even midway through the 2013 season yet. 
That is a lot to make up- especially because Vettel has shown over the last 3 years that he only gets stronger as the season goes on, even after weak starts. Red Bull is getting their act together at the right time again, and F1 is starting to resemble early 2000s quite a bit now during the Ferrari domination days. Even Vettel’s mistakes see him finishing not lower than 4th, and with Alonso continuously struggling in Qualifying- there looks like only one winner again. 
The Canadian Grand Prix was a bit of a snoozefest after Vettel took a 2-second lead over Hamilton right after the first lap. It was smooth sailing for the German triple world champion after that, and the Brit struggled with his Pirellis later on to concede second place to a charging Alonso- who went from 6th to 2nd, and should be satisfied with the outcome. Still, that is nowhere close where he needs to be in the Championship- and does need Vettel to crash in a few races to stand a chance to become triple World Champion. 
The race actually belonged to Force India driver Di Resta – who drove his wheels off on a brave one-stop strategy and finished 7th. Webber, as usual, finished 4th- while Hamilton finished 3rd for the third time this season. The third championship contender Raikkonen equaled Schumacher’s 24-race point scoring streak, but it was of little consolation as he fell behind Alonso in the standings to 3rd. The Finn needs a few pole-to-flag victories to assert any kind of dominance, and nobody but Mercedes and Red Bull are fighting for qualifying positions. This was the first time Vettel won here, after being on pole for 3 consecutive years- and the pain of losing to Button on the final lap in 2011 must have still hurt, till this Sunday. There is not much left for him to achieve at the age of 25 already, and he pretty much has his 4th Championship in the bag unless he begins to make unusual errors or Red Bull gets suspended miraculously. 
The 2013 season is fast turning into a one-sided one, with Alonso and the rest battling between themselves- already falling behind the pace-setter and Schumacher’s heir. 
This legacy will take some stopping. 

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