F1 Review – The British Grand Prix 2013

F1 Review – The British Grand Prix 2013

Result – Nico Rosberg wins his second race of the 2013 F1 season after a rare Vettel retirement
In a race that cast dark clouds over the possibility of tyre manufacturers Pirelli renewing their contract next season, a German did romp home to another win this season- but it wasn’t the favorite. 
Nico Rosberg rode his luck and won his 2nd race of a season that could finally see him living upto his famous potential- after Vettel retired with a failed gearbox 11 laps from the end. 
Gritty Aussie ( http://in.bookmyshow.com/entertainment/the-korean-grand-prix-a-review/7305 ) Mark Webber, days after announcing his impending retirement at the end of this season, stormed to 2nd – saving his teammate a few points and keeping himself as well as his team ahead in the battle in the Championship standings. Webber won at Silverstone last year, and became a man possessed in the final 6 laps once again after the second safety car appearance (thanks to Perez’s tyre burst- the 4th of the race). Spaniard Alonso drove an aggressive race, once again performing far better than his car allowed him to, coming home 3rd to cut Vettel’s lead to 21 points- just about making the drivers’ standings interesting again. Not to say Vettel wasn’t running away with another dominant win- he was, until he had to retire for the first time in 2013. A stroke of luck was what Alonso and Raikkonen, the chasers in the pack, needed- and they got it, as the disappointed German could do nothing but watch helplessly as Alonso needled through the field in the last 6 laps to finish on the podium- making up 5 positions in no time. Raikkonen suffered towards the end, with his worn-out tyres, after taking a stop less than Alonso- letting Webber pass without problems.  
Silverstone was the scene of exceptional chaos for most of the first 15 laps, with 3 cars- including race leader Hamilton- blowing their left-rear tyres. Mercedes once again proved their qualifying mettle on the weekend- with Hamilton on pole and Rosberg second. They were always going to face a tough challenge from the Red Bulls on race day, but nobody expected the drama that unfolded over the hour. The Brit started strongly, leading for the first 8 laps until his tyre blew- setting into motion a chain of shocking events that could have almost cost Vergne his life in the 15th lap. Speeding down the straight at 160 mph, his rear-left tyre gave way, with the Frenchman lucky to maintain balance after sliding off the track. The cake was eventually taken with Perez the 4th tyre casualty towards the end- and fans baying for Pirelli’s blood, the company that’s already in hot water with the International tribunal in connection to an unscheduled testing session with Mercedes at Barcelona earlier this month.
A dramatic race was needed, and it was delivered- though not in the most preferable circumstances. What it’s done it throw up a challenger to Vettel’s crown again, with Raikkonen falling behind- with the two Mercedes drivers bunched together in 4th and 5th. With a little more luck and consistency, this could be Rosberg’s breakout season, but one suspects that he won’t be blessed with such luck every race. Red Bull will make sure that their star driver doesn’t have to endure another retirement this season, and that could still mean one-way traffic unless Ferrari miraculously find another gear, pun intended. 
Onto the German GP in less than a week, where Vettel will look to take things from where he left off last season. He is still favorite to win his 4th title in a row. Pirelli will be looking to redeem themselves after a day that threatened to turn into the farce that was the Indianopolis GP of 2005- where all cars except 6 Bridgestone-wearing cars that included Schumacher and Karthikeyan started the race.

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