Hockey India League

Hockey India League – It gets Better with Every Season

The fifth installment of the Hockey India League (HIL 2017) is very much underway the and the season only seems to be getting more riveting with every match. It will be a gross understatement to not call it the best ongoing sports events in India. The league started with an encounter between Dabang Mumbai and the Ranchi Rays in Mumbai on the 21st of Jan. And, in keeping up with the spirit of the last season, the league carries on the experimental rules that have come to define the league. For those unaware of the rules, each field goal, along with each goal that is scored off a penalty stroke is awarded in open play and will be counted as two separate goals.

The first season of the HIL took place in the year 2013. The first season of Hockey India League took place on January 2013 with a total of five different teams participating in the event.

After a roaring success of the first season, the second season underwent certain alterations to accommodate one more team, making the total number of teams six. In this new format, the different teams were playing each other twice- one match at home and one away.

The third season happened in the month of January 2015. The prize money this time was a massive INR 5.5 Crores!

The fourth season witnessed a major rule change, which set out the franchises on the hunt for young talent instead of relying only on veteran players, very much unlike the previous seasons.

With the Fifth season, underway and Dabang Mumbai leading the points table it remains to be seen if any of the other will rise to the occasion and give tough competition to Dabang Mumbai. Let’s hope Kalinga Lancers pack some punch in their showdown with the Dabangs. As for, who will be the winner, it is too early in the game to comment on it.

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Written By: Ankkit Singh.