After a power packed and an adrenaline filled season of our favourite ‘desi’ game, there are no two doubts about the fact that the Pro-Kabaddi league is here to stay. The PKL has clearly laid the foundation for an all new era in the game. Kabaddi, an until-yesterday- not-so- popular sport, is suddenly packed in an all new envelope of glory. Fuelled by a second-to-none marketing strategy and powered by television, the players have also found an all new reason to look forward to something, as they continue to deal with the trailblazing opportunity facing the sport of Kabaddi today.

What adds some shining stars to PKL’s popularity is not only the loyal fan base but also the bodies which have come forward to back it. The International Kabaddi Federation, Asian Kabaddi Federation and the Amateur Kabaddi Federation of India are all associated with the event. With such a diversely infallible backing, the Pro-Kabaddi league is moving forward from being just a game league being run in India to an opportunity that promotes Kabaddi on a global level. The nature of the sport is such that it is one of the most inclusive physical activities imaginable and it needs barely any equipage. This makes it very accessible to large sections of an increasingly young India.

If you have been a follower of sport events and have been following the PKL this season, we are sure that the one team which has kept your attention captivated is Bengal Warriors. Representing the city of joy-Kolkata, Bengal Warriors has some of the finest Indian & international talents on board. Led by Nilesh Shinde and coached by Pratap Shetty, this team has unquestionably made its presence felt especially in this season of PKL. Although their performance requires a boost keeping in mind their impeccable competitors, Bengal Warriors is playing good games and are doing their best to spruce their play up. Riding on the seventh position in the points table, their game tactics too need a step-up.

History might be on anybody’s side, but Bengal Warriors have the form and they have the zest too. With tickets to the matches being available on popular ticketing platforms like BookMyShow, the only question that lingers is which night will be the night of honour? Let’s tune in while we wait and watch!