Catering to India’s very own sport which has its roots in the mud, the Pro Kabaddi League has seen the sport evolve from being an uninviting one to the colossal spectacle that it is today. Two seasons is what it took for Kabaddi to be discovered-yes, it’s just been two seasons! From the famous purple mat to the fans cheering in the stadium, the chants of Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi to the overwhelming sweaty smell of a team’s victory, Kabaddi as a sport although due for the recognition that it is getting in the recent times, has been seriously underrated.

I still remember the very first time that the Pro Kabaddi league was announced- the office was abuzz with excitement. Not only did a league on a sport like Kabaddi come as a surprise, but it also put the desi emotions into a sudden found exhilaration. The initial chuckles soon settled into some serious game emotion and the hope of the league being the ‘next big thing’ in the Indian sport television scenario started settling in. Even the ones who had admired the sport but could not say it because it was just-not-cool, had found a reason to celebrate!

Fast Forward to today: The face-offs are getting more and more exciting by the day and new milestones are being set every hour in the play. If you are one of those who have been following the game in the league, it will also be safe to assume that you are also one of the many who have a soft spot for The Pink Panthers. The champions of the inaugural season, the Jaipur Pink Panthers represent the pink city of Jaipur and is a team owned by Abhishek Bachchan.

Having carved their place in the hearts of Kabaddi lovers, the first ever Pro Kabaddi League champions will look to repeat their phenomenal run in the upcoming season. Riding on the top of the points table, this team of titans is all raging to go as they play on their home ground as the month of June dies. With tickets available on popular ticketing platforms like BookMyShow, if you expect the panthers to rock the Kabaddi arena, you must book your spot right away. After all, your favourite desi boys need all the cheers you can shout out!