For the love of bikes

Frequently referred to as the Woodstock of Biking Festivals, India’s most awaited bike festival is back again. India Bike Week 2014 is scheduled to take place in Goa this January, and is certainly going to be one of the most amazing events at the beginning of the new year. Undoubtedly, this is a must one for all bike lovers and bike enthusiasts. The fact that India’s Bike Week acknowledges the power of music and is central to the festival, makes this a perfect opportunity to list 5 of the greatest bike movies which have found its place in our culture.  

The Wild One:
The original motorcycle movie of all time, this is a cinema classic. Starring Marlon Brando as the brooding leader of a bike gang that invades a small town, The Wild One became an instant classic. Also starring Lee Marvin, this is what we call as the Ultimate Motorcycle Rebellion movie.
Terminator 2: 
The sequel to James Cameron’s superhit film, Terminator, this movie broke all Box Office records when it released. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg who rides a Harley Davidson in the movie, Terminator 2 has influenced popular culture and is among the most popular movies of all time.
The World’s Fastest Indian: 
Based on the true story of Burt Munro, a bike racer from New Zealand, this movie stands for the real love of biking. Anthony Hopkins played the part of Burt Munro who managed to set the world record in 1967 on a 1000cc Indian brand motorcycle that he modified himself and covered it withaerodynamic shell. At the time Munro set the record he was 68 years old, riding a bike which was 47 years old. Now that is what we call the real love for bikes!
On Any Sunday: 
A documentary about the life of motorcycle racers and racing enthusiasts, including Hollywood superstar, Steve McQueen. It is a keen look at those people who devote their life to racing on tracks and off courses, and asks the question "Why they do it?" If you want to understand the love people have for bikes and races, check out this documentary.
The movie which went on to become a cult classic, it featured Hollywood stars and expensive bikes. The memorable theme ‘Born to be Wild’ was also heard in this film. This is a classic motorbike movie which was instrumental in revolutionizing American Cinema of the 70s.
We feel that it would be really good to check out these titles to connect with the love of biking and if you are not much of a racing enthusiast then also it is an opportunity to experience adventure, fun and speed through movies.

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