The ATP Men’s Tennis Circuit in 2015 has been fascinating, to say the least. With just two major tournaments to go on the calendar – the ATP Masters at Paris and the World Tour Finals in London – the year has shaped up a lot like a year nobody ever thought would be repeated again- 2006. Back in 2006, with Roger Federer at his very peak, the stats he compiled were out of this world. Rafael Nadal was still finding his range on other courts after making his presence felt on the clay of Roland Garros, and many won’t forget the sheer ruthlessness of Federer’s dominance that year. 

2015 has been the almost-perfect year for Novak Djokovic. He had won only one Grand Slam, despite dominating the circuit in 2014, and wanted to make amends for losing some important matches against the likes of Wawrinka, Nishikori and Nadal. And, as is always the case, he began at Melbourne in the Australian Open this year. After losing in Qatar to Ivo Karlovic in the quarterfinals, Djokovic has gone on a record-shattering run that has made even Serena Williams sit up and take notice. Is such dominance even possible at the pro level anymore? Why, of course, says the Serb, who has just finished another unbeaten Asian hard court swing, without losing a SINGLE set in Beijing and Shanghai to extend his hot streak. And he just keeps getting better. He also became only the second player in the Open Era after Roger Federer to reach all the four Grand Slam finals in a single year. Rod Laver was the first before the Open Era, and he did it twice. 

Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the Serb’s astonishing numbers in 2015:

9: The number of ATP titles Djokovic has won this year, including 3 Slams and 5 Masters titles. 

11: The number of ATP titles Federer won in 2006 

11: Total number of ATP titles won by Swiss no. 2 Stan Wawrinka 

12: (In hundreds) Number of rackets broken by Aussie wildchild Nick Kyrgios this year on court


16: (In millions) Prize money won by Djokovic already this year – a new all-time tennis record 

6: (In millions) Amount he already trails Roger Federer’s total career prize money by (94-88)

66: (In millions) Amount both of them put together have cost the likes of Andy Murray and Andy Roddick in career tournaments 


13: Number of consecutive finals Djokovic has reached this year 

17: Consecutive final record held by Roger Federer in 2006

30: Difference between number of career titles (Federer 87, Djokovic 57)

32: Total number of career titles won by Andy Roddick 

21: Matches won each by Federer and Djokovic against each other 

0: Number of on-court impersonations done by the Djoker’ this year


15: Number of people across the world who are actually aware that Andy Murray is now ranked a distant no. 2 

15: (in millions) Number of fans who believe that there is no such thing as a Djokovic-Murray rivalry anymore. Or a Djokovic-anybody rivalry anymore. 

28: Age of Novak Djokovic 

29: Number of consecutive matches Djokovic has won in Beijing 

29: Age at which Stan Wawrinka won his first ever Slam at the 2014 Australian Open – also the only player to defeat Djokovic in a Slam this year in the French Open Final 

29: Number of fans that still believe that Bernard Tomic, Kyrgios, Dimitrov, Coric and Nishikori form the new guard


2: Number of players (Wawrinka, Cilic) not named Djokovic, Nadal, Murray and Federer to win a Slam since the 2009 US Open 

41: Number of consecutive matches won by Djokovic at the beginning of the 2011 season till he was beaten by Federer in the French Open semis 

40: Number of years it might take to emulate the dominance exercised by Federer in 2006 and 2009, Nadal in 2010 and Djokovic in 2011 and 2015


5: Number of matches lost by Djokovic this year (72 wins so far)

4: Number of matches lost by Federer in 2006 (81 wins)

3: Number of non-Federer, non-Djokovic and non-Nadal fans left in the tennis universe