Indian GP 1

Preview: 2013 Indian Grand Prix

The 5.14 km circuit designed by Hermann Tilke, capable of hosting close to a lakh fans, could go down in history this weekend. 

It will be the last Indian Grand Prix till 2015, but the race at Noida- a favorite amongst many drivers- will more than make up for the lack of action and history in the last few years. 
Vettel has won it for both years without any fuss, with Spaniard Alonso managing a second place in 2012. Most fans will remember their favorite Schumacher driving to a heroic  5th place in 2011 in the inaugural Indian GP- but this memory could be relegated to second after 2013. 
Sebastian Vettel, in all probability, will officially win the 2013 World Championship in India. This will be his 4th consecutive World Title, at age 26, only 3 behind all-time leader Schumacher with 7. 
Vettel needs to finish 4th or higher, irrespective of where Alonso finishes. Many know that the championship was technically over as soon as Vettel won 6 out of the previous 8 races- the last coming at Japan after his teammate led for most of the race. Vettel has now won 5 races in a row dating back to August 25th in Belgium. Hamilton was the last non-Vettel driver to win at Hungary in July. The month long break in between those 2 races seems to have pushed Red Bull to another level altogether, with the British team refusing to relent- with Ferrari miles behind in the constructors Championship almost tied with Mercedes in 3rd place. 
Vettel has now won 9 races in 2013, and needs 3 more to break the season record. With India, Abu Dhabi, United States (Texas) and Brazil to go, nobody would bet against the German completing the most dominating championship performance in F1 history. He is already almost matching his 2011 performance where he ran away with the title with 4 races to go. 
Alonso will be joined by the other contender Raikkonen, both almost in their mid-30s now, in 2014 in Ferrari. They will join forces to try to halt the German streak. Interestingly enough, Schumacher’s 5-title streak was broken by a young Alonso back in 2005 too. This time, though, it is Ferrari on the receiving end- and they have a lot of work to do if they are to last 22 races in 2014 against the likes of Red Bull and Mercedes. 
Vettel will storm to his 10th win of the 2013 season. There are no contenders. The Indian GP is not a race where plenty of surprises spring up. It would be nice to see Webber winning a race after 5 years though. 

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