If you were to quickly name some tennis legends of the modern era, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal would probably be the immediate two names that would come to mind. At one point in time, both  players had established such dominance in tennis, if anyone could beat one of them, it had to be the other. Both now though have witnessed a drop in form and at times, have been even beaten by unseeded players. Around 2008, Federer and Nadal faced each other in almost every Grand Slam final but now often end up getting knocked out in early rounds.

Here’s a quick look on all that has gone wrong with the careers of these champs: 

Roger Federer has the highest number of Grand Slam wins by a male tennis player in the Open era. He did so by the winning the Wimbledon in 2012, thus breaking Pete Sampras‘ record. But that was also his last Grand Slam win in the last three years. The Fed Express‘ biggest challenge currently remains the reigning world number one – Novak Djokovic. 

 He has lost two Wimbledon finals against the Serb. Novak has been in tremendous form and is almost unbeatable these days. If you have watched him play, you’ll wonder if he ever gets tired. That is where Roger is found lacking. He starts most of his matches with sheer dominance but as the sets go by, he seems to lose control of the game. 

Nadal, on the other hand, is the only person to win nine French Open titles beating Björn Borg‘s record. The prime reason for his slump in form is the many

injuries he has suffered. His last Grand Slam victory was last year’s French Open. Since then he has failed to make it to the last four at any Grand Slam event. 

So that brings up the question — Will they ever win another Grand Slam title? In current form, we can’t be too sure but who wouldn’t like to see these players winning at least another before they retire? We all do, surely.  


– By Criselle Lobo