World 10K Run Karnal- Celebrating 50 Years of Haryana!

Summers always bring the best of sports event in the country. In spite of the cricket fever all around us with IPL and now ICC Champions Trophy, people are looking for more and more activities to watch and participate in, at the same time. So amongst all the hyped events happening part of the country, this marathon event happening in haryana is one thing to look up to for all the sports enthusiasts. The premier event of India Road Runners, the World 10K Run Karnal is the country's greatest road race and is scheduled for 28th May 2017.

World 10K Run Karnal is an international event held on the last Sunday of May every year in Karnal, Haryana. Their first edition had an overwhelming response by over 15,000 runners and they are bringing the second edition of the World 10K Challenge to get more people to take up running and also to challenge the pros who have been running for years. Running has never been out of fashion and is still one of the most refreshing source of exercise for people of every age group. They start with warm up exercises, some music and close with cool down stretches in short getting you just the balanced amount of workout.

High Times Solutions (HTS) group in association with India Road Runners, Women's Sports Foundation and Karnal Police is the organizer of World 10K Run Karnal, the official run of Haryana. In process of bringing the awareness about sports and fitness World 10K Karnal Run brings a social message for the masses where people from all walks of life participate including Bollywood celebrities, sports personalities, business tycoons and amateur athletes.

It will be safe to say well, it’s rather a platform to bring together sports fanatics and connect with one other through the medium of sports and giving them endless memories and entertainment. So don’t get late for booking your tickets to this upcoming event in haryana with BookMyShow here. Now all that's left is to Ready, Get Set, Run!!