This stylish left-handed batsman known for his hard-hitting sixes is indeed the Prince of Indian cricket. Yuvraj Singh is nothing less than a glittering star with his sleek and chic attitude on the ground as well as in circles outside the field. The glamorous cricketer is also equally popular among celebrities and in film circles, which is evident from his equation with actors and actresses. He, no doubt, has lived an eventful life with several ups and downs along the way. But nothing ever stopped him from achieving what he wanted and it is this grit and incessant desire to break all barriers, which has made him a real-life hero.

This birthday is special for Yuvraj because he is no longer the eligible bachelor girls crushed on. Today on his 35th birthday, we list some key highlights of his life.

When he took his first steps
yuvraj-1st-pointThe early big moment in his life came with the ICC U-19 World Cup tournament in 2000, when Yuvi, hid behind his innocent looks, took no time becoming the star of the tournament. He not only scored 58 off 25 balls against Australia but also picked 4/36, thus cementing himself as an all-rounder.

When he became a saviour
natwest-compressed This was the time when everyone had given up on the Indian Team in the NatWest Series final against England in 2002. A defining moment in Yuvraj Singh’s career, the tournament saw the aggressive cricketer strike an incredible partnership with Mohammad Kaif to successfully chase the England total.

When you just couldn’t take your eyes off screen
yuvraj-compressedThis is undoubtedly his greatest achievement which made him a star overnight. Yuvraj Singh looked like the hero of a movie. You just could not take your eyes off this handsome lad hitting six after six in style.

When he gave his Best Test performance with idol Sachin
yuvraj-4th-point-compressedThis is one of the most memorable events for Yuvraj when he partnered with none other than his idol Sachin Tendulkar. One of his best Test performances, Yuvraj and Sachin put together a winning partnership to defeat England in December 2008 during this tournament.

When we saw him endorsing big brands
brand-endorsement-compressed-1Yuvraj Singh wanted to be an actor but found his performance better on the field. So what if he did not make it on the silver screen? He did what other celebrities do. He has been an ambassador for big brands like Google, Code masters, Puma, LG etc.

When his fight for survival inspired millions
uvraj-singh-fyt-6th-pointDisasters are often uninvited and unpredictable and their intensity is, therefore, felt the most. When Yuvraj Singh was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor in his left lung in 2011, a long spell of doom struck his life. He underwent a number of chemotherapies but ultimately fought back for survival thus making for himself a distinct place in our hearts.

When he penned down his life story
yuvraj-book-review-compressedIn order to help others like him, Yuvraj wrote his autobiography, `The Test of My Life: From Cricket to Cancer’.

When he took steps towards a humanitarian cause
uvraj-7th-pointYuvi’s NGO YouWeCan was formed for a humanitarian and noble cause; to help cancer patients in their fight against the disease.

When he stopped being an eligible bachelor

All’s Well That Ends well.

After a long period of turmoil, pain and havoc, Yuvraj Singh found happiness. He has been in the news recently for all right reasons. The cricketer has finally tied the knot with girlfriend Hazel Keech and the celebrations surpassed everyone’s expectations.

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– Gladis Monteiro