If you’re looking for some inspiration or are curious about the stories behind great businesses, check out this week’s recommended podcasts on business and entrepreneurship. Hear accounts of the early days of homegrown start-ups and how Facebook became a phenomenon among other things.

‘Masters Of Scale’

Masters of Scale is a business and finance podcast hosted by the co-founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman. In every episode, Hoffman discusses a hypothesis on how a business has managed to achieve scale. His guests have included Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (pictured above), Starbucks founder Howard Schultz and Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings.

‘How I Built This with Guy Raz’

How I Built This from NPR offers stories from innovators and business visionaries on building businesses. Host Guy Raz plunges into the tales of the world’s most popular companies and often has guests talking about their vulnerabilities.

‘100x Entrepreneur’

100x Entrepreneur podcast by Siddhartha Ahluwalia is made for youthful experts, business people and investors. In the 100x Entrepreneur Podcast Series, the best financial speculators, entrepreneurs, and experts share their mentality. Their advice could assist you with getting 100x in your business.

‘Prime Venture Partners Podcast’

Prime Venture Partners podcast features the stories of the individuals who have key jobs in building digital India, from founders and CXOs to speculators. It takes you through the key moments of their lives and breaks down their decision-making processes.

The Indian Startup Show

Hosted by Neil Patel, this podcast has over 140 episodes. It’s one of the most popular and longest-running Indian podcasts highlighting the stories of Indian entrepreneurs and start-ups.

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Image: Anthony Quintano via Wikimedia Commons.