This week we bring educational podcasts for curious minds. From prison food in the US to colonialism in India, these podcasts cover a gamut of trivia. If you’re into history and interested in the stories behind everyday phenomena, tune into these podcasts.

‘Stuff You Should Know About’

This is a podcast that explains the working of anything and everything. Hurricanes, mobile phones, soap… you name it, they’ve got an episode on it.

‘Writer and Geek Show’

If science and tech are your forte, this podcast series is made for you. Hosted by brothers Shankar and Vishnu Padmanabhan, the topics on this podcast revolve around science, technology, history and music.

‘Stuff Tales’

On this podcast you will learn about the extraordinary stories behind the stuff we use and consume in our day-to-day lives like the toothbrush, GPS, the sandwich and so on. It’s hosted by Kunal Mandal.

‘No Such Thing As A Fish’

No Such Thing As A Fish is a weekly British podcast presented by researchers James Harkin, Andrew Hunter Murray, Anna Ptaszynski and Dan Schreiber. Each week the presenters discuss a favourite fact they have discovered that week.

‘In Our Time’

Hosted by veteran British broadcaster Melvyn Bragg, In Our Time was first released in 1998. The weekly podcast offers in-depth discussions between the host and guest experts on a wide range of cultural and scientific subjects.

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