5 Travel Podcasts That Will Transport You All Over The World

While the world is gradually getting back to normalcy, it looks like packing your bags to go travelling is still a distant dream. However there’s nothing stopping you from travelling in your mind or planning your next vacation. Get some ideas from these five podcasts.

‘The Travel Diaries’

A weekly podcast hosted by Holly Rubenstein, this show is in the form of an interview series. Listen to the experiences of various travellers and how they’ve been moulded by their journeys.

‘Armchair Explorer’

Listen to fantastic stories of adventure set to music and cinematic effects. The documentary-style storytelling makes this series pretty exciting.

‘The Musafir Stories’

Want to explore India? Then The Musafir Stories podcast hosted by Saif Omar and Faiza Khan is the perfect one for you. Each episode features a guest full of travel stores.

‘Postcards From Nowhere’

Postcards From Nowhere hosted by Utsav Mamoria brings you tales of the bizarre. This one’s for adventurous travellers.

‘Highway On My Podcast’

Set your alarms to Wednesday. On this day every day, four friends Rocky, Mayur, Prashant and Abhinandan bring you fun tales of their travels across India.

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Image: Nil Neden via Unsplash.

Bijay Gautam: is the co-founder of WYN Studio, a creative content studio specialising in audio storytelling and the host of The Inspiring Talk podcast, finalist for Asia's Best Podcast Award. A sought after podcast coach and mentor who has inspired 200+ mentees to give voice to their narratives.