While movies are a general source of entertainment, there are genres that keep you on the edge of your seats. Having such a thrilling experience gives you that much-needed adrenaline rush. Crime thrillers traverse mostly through investigation and the constant need to find the culprit leaves you with many nail-biting moments. Today, we will be discussing some of the best crime thrillers in Malayalam cinema that are now available for streaming. 

Oru CBI Diary Kurippu 

One of the best investigation or crime thrillers of Malayalam cinema till date, this film gives you goosebumps with its extraordinary storytelling. How can anyone forget that timeless background music? Mammootty shines as the iconic Sethurama Iyer CBI in this murder mystery. If you do not want to miss this masterpiece, go watch it now!

Streaming on: Hotstar, YuppTV

Kariyila Kattu Pole 

This Padmarajan gem is quite underrated, but when it comes to crime thrillers, this one is quite on top. With an emotional backdrop and a possible suspect, the film uncovers a murder scene in the most unexpected ways possible. Watch it to know what we are talking about.  

Streaming on: Jio Cinemas, Eros Now

The Truth

The Truth keeps you hooked till the end! With Mammootty’s subtle yet scintillating performance, S N Swamy’s terrific script and Shaji Kailas’ signature, this film makes for a wonderful watch. Revolving around the murder of a Chief Minister in a bomb blast and the investigation that follows, The Truth caters to the crime thriller genre and is an excellent watch.

Streaming on: YouTube


Revolving around the suicide of Selina Joseph (Suparna), a budding poet and a happy wife, this film takes the audience through many mysteries and tragic incidents. Mammootty, who plays a journalist in the film, does an excellent job of uncovering the reason behind Selina’s death. This underrated film written by M T Vasudevan Nair is slightly disturbing, but being a relevant subject even today, deserves all the attention.

Streaming on: YouTube


Sam Alex (Prithviraj), an alcoholic police officer, is requested to investigate a case that involves the abduction and subsequent murder of some men. Although there is no connection between these men at a primary glance, Sam Alex studies the case further and figures an absurd connection. He finally reaches the killer but the back story is even more shocking. This film from its beginning till the end gives you no clue about the murderer and that exactly is the beauty of it. Watch it to experience the enthrallment. 

Streaming on: Hotstar

Mumbai Police  

Another masterpiece from Prithviraj, Mumbai Police keeps you on the edge of your seats till the very end. In this film, a case is solved right in the beginning, but the audience is taken through the process of investigation and a shocking discovery through quite an unexpected and unconventional manner. This Rosshan AndrewsPrithviraj tie-up creates magic on screen and is worth a watch. 

Streaming on: Hotstar

Anjaam Pathiraa  

Anjaam Pathiraa, the most recent Malayalam film in the crime thriller genre, has all the elements that would keep you glued to your seats. The theme traverses through the serial killings of police officers while the thrilling story itself is the hero of the film.  

Streaming on: SunNxt

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