Netflix’s Hasmukh, a dark comedy about a comedian who is also a serial killer, was partially produced by Vir Das. This show where Hasmukh realises that the only way to ace his onstage performances was to kill people, was a complete success, and so, Vir Das has decided to continue his production game!

As per reports, he will be developing several projects under his own banner ‘Weirdass Comedy’ exclusively for various over-the-top (OTT) platforms. ‘Weirdass Comedy’ is a wordplay (a witty way of using words especially for amusement purpose) on his name Vir Das and his comedy consultancy.

Das’ production house is planning, scripting and casting for seven shows, movies and podcasts across platforms for this year alone. He said that only one of these projects will feature him and he will merely play the creative producer for remaining six.

“I feel streaming platforms have very wide open doors for new concepts, especially when it comes to comedy. I feel every single platform across the board is open to light-hearted stuff,” said Vir earlier.

He also plans to explore regional content and has started working on Telugu and Punjabi comedy shows.

Few of the projects are:

  1. Mahila Canteen – An all-women political comedy show.
  2. An untitled Punjabi drama series entirely set on a plane.
  3. Lightfoot – An online shoe selling company that deliver drugs in the soles.
  4. An untitled Telugu horror-comedy.

Vir is also actively looking for opportunities in Marathi and Gujarati languages.